The Day I Said “I DO”

It was May 8, 2009 when I finally said “I do” to the most affectionate and responsible man I’ve ever met in my 25 years of existence. It’s always nice and refreshing to look back at that certain point of my life where everything was close to perfect. Honestly, I was not the hands-on type of bride who chose to take care of all the details of the wedding not because I don’t want to be a “bridezilla” but just for the simple reason that I want to savor the moment and to be contented and thankful for whatever it is that was in stored for me on that day. I was involved a bit but not that focused and detailed. Fortunately, the wedding that I wanted to have when I was young was exactly the same that I had. The people that I love most were present – my papa, mama, my three brothers, my relatives and my closest friends. And of course, I’ll be settling down with the person that I truly love and admire – my soon-to-be husband.

I can attest that God will give you the right person at the right time and at the right circumstance. There is really “someone” out there that is made specially to unconditionally love, respect and take care of you, someone who will fill the empty spaces of your fingers, someone who will stand by you and who will choose to love and fight for you despite of your shortcomings and in spite of the unexpected circumstances that will come your way. Truly, there is. Love is the greatest blessing from God. And I thank Lord God for giving me my husband.

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