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The big day was getting near and we haven’t chosen a name for our soon to be little princess.Well, we are certain that she’s a girl from the numerous ultrasounds confirming that we are having a baby girl. Originally, I wanted a baby boy and I’m sure my husband too though he was silent about his choice from the start. He used to tell me that what’s important was for the baby to be healthy with no physical deformities.

I was already on my 38th week and still our baby had no name. We asked for suggestions from our relatives. What’s certain was that her name has to start with a letter E and her second name should be K following our initials. Here’s the list of our supposedly baby’s name:

Noel wanted her to be named Eloisa but I opposed so it was crossed from the list.
Mommy suggested for Erika but the name seem to be so strong
Mama wanted Hannah Cossette. This was supposed to be my name
My brother, Ronnell suggested for Elisha
My Tita Weng wanted Elijah Kendra
My Tita Rubs suggested for Elisha Cathburt
I wanted her to be named Kassandra or Keisha

After so many days of deliberation, my husband and I, both agreed to name her “Elisha Kendra” and her nickname will be “KEISHA”. Elisha means “God is gracious” while Kendra means “water baby, magical, powerful, all knowing.

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  1. I love your baby’s name, Hubs and I always thinking of the name Kendra just in case we’ll be blessed with girl in the future which is impossible because I have no intent of getting preggy again.:D

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