Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

Weddings will not be complete without the fabulous gifts of godparents, families, relatives and friends. I must say that this was one of the things that I was so excited and furious about. But, who would not love gifts? Little children, grown-ups, gray-haired individuals love it too. The excitement while opening it is definitely priceless. Well, I don’t mind whether it’s lucrative or not. The important thing was they prepared something for us to love and to appreciate.

We received a lot of rice cookers, if I’m not mistaken about 5-6 pieces of it. Oven toasters were also a big hit. These two were the usual gifts to newly weds. No doubt, there’s no couple who didn’t receive a rice cooker or oven toaster on their wedding day. We also got lots of bed sheets, comforters, frying pans, set of plates, glasses and others. And of course, we got lots of red envelopes. Hmmmm. You guess what’s inside. Some also issued manager’s check addressed to our names. Yahoo! We were able to buy our first television, refrigerator and air-con set.

These were just few of the gifts that we received.

But, the best gifts that we received was first, the bible and second, the presence of all the people that matters to us. The bible will serve as our guide in life. It will keep us humble, good and a God-centered couple. The presence of the people around us really made us feel important. Since we were wed on a Friday afternoon, most of them were on leave from work. We sincerely thank them for giving us their time.

Thank you Lord for all of these gifts. May you continuously shower us with blessings!

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