Married Life

From the day I said “I do”, I started to be a housewife. It was never my dream to be just inside the house but I must say that I’ve enjoyed it and still continuously enjoying it. My vision of a wife is someone who is always available for her husband, someone who takes in charge of everything – the food, clothing, house. I’ve seen how my grandmother served my grandfather until the last air that he breathe and that’s what I wanted to be.

I woke up around 5 AM and started to cook. I act slow that’s why I have to start early. Cooking was very new to me and it was really a challenge. Before, I never stepped into our kitchen to cook, it was always my mom who prepares everything for me. As a new wife, I had to impress my husband. I’ll wake him up around 6, we eat together and I wash the dishes afterwards. At 7:30 am my husband starts to leave our house. By this time, I’ll go back to sleep again and get up around 9 am. Cleaning our house was my favorite, it was never hard because our house was small.

the first food that we cook after moving in our house
my husband enjoying our sinigang na hipon

At around 11 am, I started preparing my husband’s food for lunch which will be brought to his office. My lunch was always served in my in-laws house since I was always left alone in our home. After eating, I take afternoon naps, watch TV or DVDs. Around 5 pm, I started to cook again for our dinner and wait for my husband. Night time was only our moment to bond. Sometimes, I got bored but I always fill my schedule with a lot of house activities.

my husband and I


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      January 7, 2011 / 8:35 am

      Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m just so new with this, kindly check if i was able to follow you correctly.

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