New Home

After one month of being married, we were finally able to move in to our new home. It’s just a small house located beside my in-law’s residence just inside their own backyard. This was our parent’s wedding gift for us and we are sincerely and truly appreciative of this. Now, you know how lucky we are with our parents.

This was how it was when we first moved in. Our entrance door’s with screen. The right side was our kitchen. That’s where I learned how to cook and I’m so proud that even just a bit I learned. The other door is our comfort room.

Our dining area was perfect for my husband and I. This was where we had most of our morning talks with a cup of milk and our dinner served with my yummy-licious food.

As you can see our living room looks so bare. We don’t have much furniture and decorations for our house. That sofa is my in-law’s property, they just handed down that to us so we’ll have a nice sofa for our house.

Our bedroom is so cozy. This is my favorite part of our home. It’s so relaxing especially when I’m feeling so sluggish. This is where we bond most – watch TV, DVDs, and share our daily stories.

Our mini entertainment gadgets and our altar (covered by the fan) is placed at our bed footsteps. All the spaces in our small home are maximized thus, making it a perfect home to start a happy married life.

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