I was shocked when I knew that I was pregnant. It was not planned but we were very thankful for the gift of life. I can still remember the day when I told my husband that we’re going to have a baby. He was so surprised too.

My first few months were really hard. I had morning sickness not only in the morning as well as in the afternoon and in the evening. I was just lying on the bed the whole day due to headache and nausea. I hate the smell of my room and even I’m at a far distance I can still smell the awful odor of our dog. I was always irritated and agitated. I can’t eat, I don’t like the taste of all the food. I never craved for anything, all I wanted was to lie down and sleep. I vomited a lot. When I eat, I vomit. When I vomit, I sleep. It was a traumatic experience though. I don’t know what I was going through and I never thought that it would be that hard.Everything was new, my body was changing and I was anticipating what changes will happen next. Literally, I was afraid of the changes. But, thank God I didn’t had pimples I even had a better skin in my entire pregnancy.

My second trimester was a bit easier. I still feel sleepy at all times but now I can eat. But when I started to eat I can’t stop eating. From 1 pm to 5 pm, I’m chewing something – fruits sometimes chocolates. my husband reprimanded me from eating chocolates but I can’t stop. I loved it so much though I was really a chocolate-lover by heart since birth. I made sure that I was able to eat all the nutritious food except for my yummy chocolates.

I was 6 months pregnant

My third trimester was not that hard except for the more intense ankle and back pain that I was feeling. Maybe, it had something to do with my height. I guess my body can’t support my increasing weight. Big thanks to my ever supportive and sweet husband who always find ways to make things easier for me. All throughout my pregnancy, he never failed to give me a foot massage every single night even though, sometimes he’s so sleepy and tired.

my 8th month

Well, I didn’t grew that big except for my 9th month. I was more of bed-ridden during that month. I was so afraid to move because according to my ob-gynecologist, my baby’s position was transverse and if my water bag will break something bad will happen to our baby. I was extra cautious that time.

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