Cesarean Section Delivery

It was on the 24th of October, 2009 when I fully witnessed and experienced the miracle of life. The long wait was over. After nine months of carrying, nurturing and loving the baby inside my womb and intimately praying for her normal and healthy well-being, my baby Keisha was safely born despite of her umbilical cord and transverse lie position  inside my womb via cesarean section in Medical City, Ortigas at exactly 8:22 pm.

My greatest blessing had finally come out – my princess, my Keisha. What I felt when I first saw her was unexplainable, I was very thankful, grateful, humbled, mesmerized, nervous and I feel so blessed. My daughter was born with her umbilical cord wrapped tightly 4x around her neck which could have caused her to be short of air leading to her death if we were delayed for two days or if I went through labor. Thank God we made the right decision, and thank God, He led and guided all of us most especially the doctors.

When I was being operated, though I was sedated, I was still conscious and I witnessed the reactions of the medical practitioners conducting my operation. In their eyes and actions, I knew something was wrong, I just didn’t know what. When the doctor said “baby out, 8:22 pm” I didn’t hear her cry, then, after few seconds I heard her sweet voice crying. She was headed to me and had her suck my nipple. According to the pediatrician, that was done so she will recognize right away that I am her mother. Our first encounter was very touching and precious to me. For nine months, I took good care of her, I was prepared for her coming but when I actually saw her with my own two eyes I still can’t believe that I am officially a mother – a mother of a bouncing baby girl who will surely give happiness and a new meaning to our lives.

  1. CS din me sa 2 kids ko….sakit na sa tahi sakit pa sa bulsa hehehhehe…pero its all worth it pag labas ng bebe

    1. Correct sis, that’s why I don’t know when will I have my second child. I need to save money and my energy first.

  2. When I gave birth in Medical City (sa old building pa) 12 years ago bawal mag-take ng photos sa delivery room which up to now I truly regret. 🙁

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