C-Section Recovery

After my cesarean operation, I was brought inside the recovery room. Though, I was groggy, I was still aware with the movements around me. I was just talking, asking the nurse if my baby is okay and how long will it take before I can move into my room because I really wanted to see my mom. Honestly, my mind was so disturbed and I was jittery, maybe, that was part of the effect of the anesthesia.

My consciousness was still awake when I was moved into the room with my urinary catheter, IV and the girdle that was wrapped tightly around my waist. For me, the room was so hot. Though, it was air-conditioned I even requested for an electric fan that was directly functioning towards me. The doctor prescribed some medicines for me to take – for pain relief, anti-bacterial and for uterus contraction.

one day after giving birth

During my recovery period, my vital signs were closely monitored and the firmness of my uterus was regularly checked. I didn’t feel pain, my abdomen was numb even when my uterus started to contract. Others say, uterus contraction was painful but mine was not. Maybe, the pain-killers were really effective. When everything was okay my urinary catheter and IV were removed.

As what they say, the best advice for recovery is begin to move quickly as you can. After two days of lying on the bed, my brother who is a registered nurse, encouraged me to get up and move. I was so afraid thinking that my stitches will wear off and I was scared to undergo and repeat the same operation procedure again. Hesitant though, I managed to sit down. After few minutes, I stood up. I felt dizzy and I almost fell. With the assistance of my brother I was able to deal with my condition. What made me strive hard to walk was my eagerness to see my baby in the nursery and try to breastfeed her. Since I gave birth, I haven’t seen her again except for the cellphone and camera pictures and videos.

my Baby Keisha inside the nursery, waiting for mommy to visit her

My first visit to the bathroom was also a nightmare but I get through it. Gastric pain was also one of my biggest problems that time. Even though I was walking like a robot , I managed to visit my Baby Keisha in the nursery with the help of a wheelchair. I was so happy and delighted to have a close encounter with her. She is so precious that I washed and cleansed my hands 5x before holding her.

The first time that I held her in my arms inside the breastfeeding room.

All the hardships and sacrifices that I’ve been through all through-out my pregnancy and delivery were all paid off. This was the baby that I took good care, nurtured and loved inside my womb. Finally, she’s already here with me. I can actually touch and kiss her. And now, I can let her feel more of my love and care.

To all soon to be moms who will recover from a cesarean section these are the things you should have in mind:

– Fast recovery is a state of mind.You have to psychologically and physically motivate your mind and body so you can easily recuperate with the operation and go back to your normal routine.

-Make your baby your driving force. Just put this in mind, you are a mother and your newborn baby needs you most so you must have a speedy recovery. Remember, the baby has a new environment he/she needs you in all aspect.

-Do not force yourself to do strenuous activities just practice walking.

-Take promptly the medicines prescribed by the  doctor.

-Cleanliness is a must! Especially, when your cleaning and disinfecting your wound.

-Girdle is a great help. You can buy it in department stores. In my case, the hospital provided it.


  1. September 20, 2012 / 3:10 pm

    I feel you.. I also gave birth via CS last 2008 with my 1st child. Now I am in my second pregnancy and we are looking forward for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian). I hope God will bless me in giving birth naturally this time.

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