My Soon To Be Business


I am working at home for almost one year,  and I can’t help but think of a business that can add up to our savings. Having a baby  is really expensive from the moment I found out that I was pregnant up to the immunizations that she is continuously having now. We are surviving with our monthly expenses and we are blessed to afford our needs and most of our wants. But, the problem is we don’t have ample amount of money in our savings account. It’s quite alarming since 1-2 years from now, my little princess, Keisha, will enter school. Since we can’t cut our expenses and most of Keisha’s wants, as a mother, I need to think of ways on how we can increase our family income.

I am thinking of putting up my own business which I will launch soon. I already equipped myself with the knowledge needed through the training that I attended. Name of the business is already processed as well the other business documents. What excites me most is the process of conceptualizing  a  logo graphic design that will perfectly fit my business. It must be a good representation of the company.  It should be retentive and catchy to the eyes of my clients. Effective logos are big help to products and businesses especially in the start, when you are just introducing what your business is, the services and the products that you offer. It’s important that it should have a good recall to your prospective clients so you’ll be easily known in the market.

I am positive that we can launch it  this April or on my birthday month, May. I would like to commend my husband for believing that I can be a successful businesswoman  without compromising my time for our little princess Keisha and for supporting me financially, emotionally and spiritually in this endeavor.

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