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For the past three months, I have been blogging about my personal experiences as a first-time mother. Years from now, I will surely be scouting of a learning center that will perfectly maximize my daughter’s learning skills while making her enjoy every step of it. This makes me wonder if there is an educational institution in our country that is innovative enough to cater to the changing needs of the kids in terms of tutorial lessons. It’s a fact that kids nowadays are more techie and more exposed to internet and online gaming. Even my one year and five months old baby girl knows how to use the computer mouse. So, technically, kids older than her are more enthusiastic and more eager in using the computer. At a young age, it’s important that kids should develop a love of learning because this is where everything will start.

I’m glad that I have found what I have been looking for in the name of NumberWorks’ n Words. NumberWorks’ n Words is an international learning center for Math and English which has been operational for the past 25 years.  They specialize in building children’s confidence and success in Math and English through the use of a modern and fun computer-aided tutorial system.

This is not the usual tutor-student relationship in which most mothers can agree and tutors themselves, that kids are unexcited upon knowing their tutorial session and unresponsive in the actual class. But, this scenario is not applicable when your child is enrolled in NumberWorks because they use an effective learning tool that is enticing to the eyes and interest of the kids through integrating English and Mathematics with games and other activities. The learning process is fully enjoyed by the kids since playing and learning were mixed into one.

Professor Dan Handy, Managing Director of NumberWorks’ n Words discussing their tutorial system

According to Professor Dan Handy, Managing Director of NumberWorks ‘n Words, their innovative and enjoyable approach keeps kids coming back for more sessions, even after the school year starts.

Jed attentively listening to the instructions of his tutor.

Kids do not operate the system by themselves, they were closely monitored and guided by their tutors.

I personally witnessed their approach to learning. Since kids were also invited in the event, they had the chance of trying the center’s purpose-built software. And yes, kids loved the learning system right away. They were very interested, excited and happy while solving Math problems. I must commend the very accommodating attitude of the tutors and Professor Dan Handy himself. What makes this different with the downloadable computer games is the ability of the system to assess your kid’s current potential plus the monitoring and guidance of the well-trained and well-equipped tutor. Every student has an individualized learning program that is specifically tailor-fitted to his/her needs. New concept is explained and taught by the tutor followed by the computer-based exercises. Progress is closely monitored by the tutor and regularly coursed through the parents.

Jed continuously enjoying the system. He’s the first kid to try the program and the last one to leave. It’s a love at first sight for him.

One of the parents, who happens to be a mathematician tried the system too. NumberWorks’ n Words program are not only for students who aren’t performing well in school but as well as, to the high-achievers and to those who want to be advanced. They cater to kids 5 years old and up. I asked one of the tutors what old is their youngest student, she replied they have 3-year old kid enrolled. They have programs for the highschool and college students too.

Father and son tandem answering NumberWorks ‘n Words Mathematical problems at their own respective levels.
The room is filled with educational posts that is attractive to children’s eyes.

Other supplementary learning materials

Here are the kids who were able to experience their computerized learning system With professor Dan Handy. You can still see the excitement in their eyes. They really love NumberWorks ‘n Words.  They learned and they were entertained at the same time.

The service that NumberWorks ‘n Words offer is a complete package for a child’s mental development – they learn, they play, they get rewarded, they are closely monitored, carefully assessed and individually evaluated at an affordable price.

So what more can you ask for? For sharper minds and better performance in Math and English enroll your kids this summer and see the difference.

For FREE evaluation and introductory lessons you may visit NumberWorks ‘n Words learning centers in the Philippines.

“This summer, take a bath in math” in NumberWorks ‘n Words different branches:

Katipunan Branch

(02) 442-5547

Unit 305 Prince David Condominium, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Alabang Branch


2F Casa Vicente Bldg. Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

Greenhills Branch

(02) 470-9021

2F One Kennedy Place, Club Filipino Avenue corner Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills Commercial Center

Market! Market! Branch

5F Market! Market! Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

You may also visit:

Rates of Number Works ‘n Words

Registration is Php500*

1.       Preschool

-4 lessons for 4 weeks = Php1,800

-8 lessons for 8 weeks = Php3,600

-12 lessons for 12 weeks = Php5,400

2.       Grade School to High School

-4 lessons = Php2,000

-8 lessons = Php4,000

-12 lessons = Php6,000

3.       College +++

-4 lessons = Php2,200

-8 lessons = Php4,400

-12 lessons = Php6,600

*inclusive of NumberWorks bag and pencil case


  1. Lorraine Co
    March 31, 2011 / 7:26 am

    How much at ilang sessions?

    • Maica Ocfemia-Figuracion
      March 31, 2011 / 8:31 am

      You may contact the numbers listed. I highly recommend it for Samantha.

  2. maritess gonzalez
    October 16, 2011 / 7:56 pm

    I watched your feature in Rated K and i got interested in the scholarship grants you are giving to less fortunate deserving kids. I would like my daughter to be one of your scholars, i’m a single mom and currently jobless, that’s why i am taking the chances.
    Ypu cav get in touch with me at 09204601462 or send me a message via email.
    Hoping you could answer my inquiry and send me the details on the other requirements for the scholarship.
    Thank you so much in taking time in reading my letter. God Bless.
    Respectfully yours,

    Maritess Gonzalez
    Parent (mother)

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