How Does Blogging Affect My Life?


When I was in college, I used to blog about my daily personal experiences in my own blog account. Instead of keeping a diary and writing  my thoughts, I jot down what I feel on computer keyboard. I was more emotional and more attached when I was younger. Blogging was my way of releasing stress and making myself feel better, more relaxed and away from the stressful college life. The course that I took up was more demanding of my time and energy than the other courses offered. I had terror professors in my Law class who conducted lessons in the form of recitation – as in purely recitation with books closed. I often feel exhausted and drained after my usual 3-hour class per subject plus the extra curricular activities that I attend to. Daily, it’s taking me 2 hours before I reach home. LRT was still under construction that time, G-Liner bus and FX were my traveling partners. Life was really hard and too tiring.

Before going to sleep, I started to blog, I share anything that I feel whether it’s a major problem regarding my studies, my love life or just a petty thing. When I’m happy, when I’m sad, I blog. My online journal was my best friend since my life was just “home-school-home” unlike the other teens who often go to bars, malls and out of town trips. I was more of the less privileged to go out because mom and dad were so strict.

My blog was my best companion, my confidant, my boyfriend, my stress reliever. It was a huge part of my everyday life. Blogging was a powerful tool that relieved me from the not-so-good feeling or lessened the emotion that I had at that moment.This was my way of pouring out the deepest feeling inside my heart and saying the truest thing inside my mind  without fearing of being judge. I mean there’s no right or wrong here. Everything was personal.

After how many years, I started to blog again for my one and only Baby Keisha. And it’s only now that I knew that I can earn money through blogging. And that there are really professional bloggers who earn online through web design making, product review, advertisements, events, product launch, pay per click services, etc. Nowadays, blogging is a career. Bloggers are like journalists, they write their own perceptions on different subjects may it be personal or professional. Information is easily disseminated online that’s why bloggers including me  must be responsible with our online posts.

This is the power of technology. Nothing is really inevitable in this world except for the word change. And innovation and new inventions are both part of it.

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