Baptismal Preparation Part I

Let me share with you the preparation I did for my daughter’s baptism which took place last December 20, 2009, 11:30 AM at the Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish Church in Marikina City. Since her baptism was the first party that my husband and I were throwing for our little princess Keisha we both decided to make it extra special,since that was the day when she received the holy sacrament of baptism.

Listed below are the important things that we consider in the preparation:

1.) List of Godparents

During pregnancy, we already have in mind the people whom we wanted to play an important role in our daughter’s life. We chose special family members and relatives and closest friends to be Keisha’s ninongs and ninangs. These were the people whom we know that can instill good values to her and who can be second parents to her just in case we are not around. And since she’s our first baby, there’s lots of names from our list but we opted to reserve our other friends and relatives for our next baby.

Here are Keisha’s Godparents:

– Ann                           – Ronn

-Dra. Marivic                   – Jerome

-Dra. Dianne                         – Ryan

-Trixie                                          – Julious

– Ramona                            – Vincent

– Bryna                                – Christian

– Sheila Marie                    – Jaja

– Lorraine                                – Don

-Ethel Kerr                            – Ronnell

– Joevert

2.) Church

We only consider one church since we wanted her to be solemnized in the same church where we had our marriage vows. I so love Our Lady of the Abandoned Church because it has played a huge part in my childhood years. This was the church where i had my first communion, confirmation, first Friday masses and my wedding.

3.) Date of the Baptism

The date is very important since you will be pulling off different people from their own daily routines so you have to choose a day in which most of them will be free and can allocate a portion of their day and time for you. We had it last December 20, 2009 the last Sunday before Christmas day and we’re glad that all of our guests took time and effort to be with us.

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