Flood Caused By The Monsoon

Being one of the families affected by the Typhoon Ondoy, my husband and I developed a trauma and started to be vigilant with the downpour of rain in our area. Whenever there’s a forecasted storm signal in our country and the rain began to pour heavily, we started to feel uneasy and fearful. Fearful in the sense that we have a 2 1/2 year-old kid to protect from the flood and from the emotional trauma. As a security, we purchased an inflatable boat  just to make sure that we have a means of transportation when the water will rise to flood level again and our daughter will not be scared since she knows that an inflatable is used for swimming.

What transpired last week was a different story, there was no storm signal predicted by PAG-ASA. Heavy rains for almost two weeks were caused by the monsoon or “habagat”, as stated by our weather experts.  According to Wikipedia, “Monsoon is traditionally defined as a seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation, but is now used to describe seasonal changes in atmospheric circulation and precipitation associated with the asymmetric heating of land and sea.” And this what caused massive flood in many areas of the Philippines including ours.

Photo taken August 6, 2012
This was taken August 7, 2012, as you can see the water is already above gutter-deep and almost half of the tire of the FX parked adjacent to our house.

After an hour, my papa came and fetched Keisha and I. My parents were so worried about us that they took all efforts just to get inside our village though all the passages were inundated. Not minding the Leptospirosis scare, my papa dipped into the dirty water. Mama decided to stay in the car because flood in Greenpark Village was waist-deep.

Keisha’s inflatable boat that we used to get out of the village. She’s not even aware of the dilemma that we were facing hence, she wanted to go out right away. This was her exact words “Mommy, let’s go to the ocean”. 
Flood level outside of our house. Keisha and I used our boat while my husband pulled it. Keisha enjoyed every second of this. In her mind, that was an exciting adventure. (Vista Verde Executive Village)
We passed thru this tri-bike in Cainta Greenpark. In this part, water was waist-deep.
Cainta, Greenpark

Transferring to my parents home for 5 days, spared me and my daughter from the agony of living with no electricity for 3 days and for the ankle-deep flood inside our house for a day. I thank God that we are not strongly affected and no harm has been done to any of my family member. Our personal properties were all saved, though, certain renovations have to be made in our house.

My heart still sympathize to those families who were extremely affected by this catastrophe. I hope all of us can move forward and start to live a better life. We have a loving and forgiving God who will not give us problems that we can’t take. Let’s not lose hope. Life is beautiful amidst this calamity.

  1. Thank you for this info. As i am surfing the net today i found your blog re vista verde. My family is planning to rent a house there since our house in rodiguez, rizal was also flooded last habagat. Ang ganda ng offer nung nagpaparent very low price yet ang ganda ng bahay. Im thinking twice if Ill still go for it or hanap nalang ng iba ang hirap din kasi ag search ng for rent. Thank you again

    1. Hi! Would you mind telling me the street address and phase here in Vista Verde so I can give you an advice? There are areas here that are not submerged in flood.

  2. Hi saw your blog while also surfing the net. We are about to buy a property in vista verde phase 6 delphi st. Definitely the agent will not tell us honestly about the flood condition in the area that’s why i am doing my own checking. Your reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


    1. Hi! Would you mind sending me your e-mail address or cp number thru [email protected], I’ll ask my husband tomorrow morning if that area was submerged in water as well.

  3. hi ms faye saw your blog re flooding in greenpark and vista verde. We are checking a house and lot in fleur de lis st in greenpark. just want to check if you know if mababa ung lugar and prone to high flooding. Hope you can give feedback. my email is [email protected]

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