Smart Moms’ Guide to Earn Cash Watching Videos

If you’re like most modern stay at home moms, you spend lots of time on the Internet entertaining yourself, keeping up with the rest of the world and staying in touch with friends and loved ones on social networking sites. This technology may be great for business, but modern moms know it can be a lifeline to the universe when you’re home changing diapers and singing lullabies. But, did you know you can easily earn extra money just by goofing off on the Internet during the day?


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How to Get Started

Use your favorite search engine to find “pay to watch videos.” You’ll be surprised how many choices there are! Sign up for the service, which usually requires no more information than your name, email address and date of birth. The site will ask you a few questions each time you visit to get an idea of the kinds of videos you are most interested in watching. Then, just check back each day to rack up more points by watching videos.

Additional Ways to Earn

In addition to watching funny, interesting, informative and entertaining videos to earn money, you can also sign up to take consumer surveys, partake in quizzes to find out more about yourself and your personality, sign up for fantastic sweepstakes offers and much more. Many stay at home moms are earning money, free products, gift cards, trips and other awards and prizes for searching recipes to cook for dinner, play free lotto games, giving their opinions on products and other simple tasks.

How Much Time It Takes

Many moms are earning $100 cash each month, in addition to tons of free products, in as little as 30 minutes per day. Just think about what your family could do with an extra $100 per month – buy shoes for the kids, take a fun day trip together, enjoy and evening out as a couple with a paid babysitter or have a spa day with the ladies. In the length of time it takes the kids to get their nap, you could be on your way to a special treat you desperately deserve. Lots of moms pop dinner in the oven and earn this extra cash while it cooks.

Information They Ask For

You can provide as much or as little information about yourself as you’re comfortable with. If a question is too personal, skip it. The questions you do answer will tell the website what videos you’re most interested in watching, so the more questions you answer the more opportunities you will get to earn cash and prizes. Also, look into other fun ways to earn, such as taking quizzes, participating in consumer surveys, playing online games and other opportunities. Moms that get into these earning endeavors make cash, but also use drink coupons they earn as well as other products they get to stretch the family budget even further.

Types of Videos to Watch

These videos range greatly in subject matter. Some are informative and others are funny. Most all of them will show you something new and exciting that you probably haven’t heard of before. The kinds of videos you’re offered for viewing are directly related to the questions you answer, so the more accurate your answers are the more relevant the videos will be to your own interests. And, it’s all free!

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