Christmas Is In The Air

Ever since I was a kid, I always look forward to Christmas season. I love the cold weather, the felicitous ambiance, the heartwarming Christmas songs, the beautiful decorations at home and in malls, the amusement and theme parks that we visit, the sumptuous food (most especially those that are only available during this time like puto bumbong), the shopping spree that I get for free and, of course, the surprise gifts that I receive from my family, relatives and friends.

Now, that I’m a mother, I am learning to celebrate it in a distinct way. I still feel the excitement that I used to have before but with a different twist since my excitement extends to my 3 year-old daughter. My aim is for Keisha to have a happy, memorable and prosperous Christmas celebration every year just like what I had when I was as young as her. I know all moms are aspiring this for their kids as well.

The best way to have that “Christmas feel” is to start decorating our home. First week of November, we started embellishing our humble abode for Christmas. The Christmas tree, lights and other decors were pulled out from the storage area. My husband took charge of installing the electrical wiring in our plant box where he put the gigantic flowers he bought from Gerona, Tarlac.

Our Christmas tree was assembled by Keisha’s yaya. Yes, she did it without my consent. I would have wanted my husband and I to set it up but, since, we have a plan of buying a bigger one I didn’t consider it a big deal.ย  Unfortunately, my hubby got sick with dengue fever andย  was down on bed for two weeks so we both agree to rescind our plan of buying a new one since it’s already December and we don’t want to buy the left-over decors in the mall.

Gold and Pink Christmas Tree

Anyway, with the additional design that my mom personally made, our gold and pink Christmas tree looks way different than it was last year. And, my little Keisha is still mesmerized with its new look.

On top of all the decorations, gifts and food, let us not forget the true essence of Christmas. Christmas day is the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and this is something that we have to instill in the minds of our little ones. Happy holidays!

  1. Wow ,it is not the usual red decors. i love the pink and gold combination , eye catching. I don’t have talent for this and will let somebody do my Christmas tree, you are lucky to have the yaya and your mom who did your tree.

  2. I am sorry about your hubby getting sick. Dengue is really dangerous I am glad he is ok now. I so love your pink and gold Christmas tree! What a unique combo. I love that shade of pink, too!

  3. When it’s Christmas time, I always feel the cheer. Though I did not have much excitement in this time of year back in my childhood days, every gift I received from my loved ones were cherished.

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