Keisha’s Christmas Wishlist

When you have a growing kid, Christmas celebration entails more effort than the usual since Christmas day is really intended for the children. Just in our case, we have a 3-year old little girl and we are really doing our best to make her know and feel what Christmas is all about.

M y little princess, Keisha
My little princess, Keisha

Recently, I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and I was so surprised with what she answered. She said, she wanted to have a baby brother, the real one, not like her Baby Alive toy. She truly wanted to have a sibling and I’m still not so sure when can I give her one. She is also requesting for a real horse. I guess, she got it from her dad. According to one of my husband’s cousins, when my husband was younger, he also asked for a real horse from my father-in-law. I think a hat from the for riding helmets would be best for the two of them.

Reality-wise, my daughter’s Christmas wishlist is hard to grant so I really have to think for a better substitute.


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