Planning For A New Business

This 2013 I am planning to venture into a new business. This is something that I am really interested with and something that I truly love. It’s only a small-scale business and hopefully, with God’s amazing grace I can diversify into different products and services in the years to come. I cannot disclose what really it is as of now but, hopefully, when all things fall into place I can launch it by first quarter of next year.

photo from the internet
photo from the internet

Business planning requires a lot of critical thinking and brainstorming. 4 P’s of marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) has to be relatively considered. I still have to enroll myself into special classes so I will be capable enough to manage it well. I hope I can also find makers of cheap brochures. Those will be helpful tools for promotion.

I am not really “the business-minded type of  person” nor “the risk-taker” so this is really a big challenge for me. I hope most of you will pray for me as I take on the challenge. Cheers to a better 2013!


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