Preparing For Noche Buena

My family's picture during Noche Buena
Our family picture during Noche Buena

Filipino families celebrate Noche Buena on the eve of Christmas Day. This is normally done right after attending the evening Christmas mass also known as the “Misa De Gallo“. This is the traditional family dinner where conventional and sumptuous dishes are served.

Each family member has his/her own share in the preparation. Usually, moms are busy cooking delectable dishes, most of the time they cook their own specialty. Ham and queso de bola are always present and served during this time. Dads take charge in the preparation of the sound system since a good music is always a part of Filipino parties. A good focusrite saffire will surely give the family a wonderful musical experience while playing  their favorite and heartwarming Christmas songs. This is best when they are throwing a bigger party for the whole family in a more spacious venue.

Most of the time, kids just wait for the gift-giving and dinner but in other families , kids, even at a young age, help their parents in the preparation of Noche Buena.

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