Seeking For Higher Education

Early this morning, I received a phone call from my college friend who is now based in the United States. Not minding the time difference, she called me and shared the good news – she will be taking  Santa Monica gmat course next year. I almost jumped out of bed for too much excitement.

I know how important this is for her, how hard she prayed for her parents to allow her to seek for a higher education and how badly she wanted to pass this assessment.

Taking the Graduate Management Admission Test requires intensive preparation. As she will be tested in different areas, her ability to answer quantitative problems, her reasoning and comprehension skills, analyzing skills and others. So she really has to remain focus and serious in order to achieve her holy grail.

I advised her to read more books, answer analytical problems and practice solving mathematical equations at a faster phase. Speed is a major factor to consider when taking computer and time-based examinations so she really has to be prepared for this. This is like working under pressure and producing good and accurate results.

I can’t help but be grateful for my dear friend. It is both our dream to study after college and I’m so happy that she will start hers early next year. I hope in the near future, I can have my dreams into reality as well.






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