Use Holiday Leftovers to Save on Your Food Bill

If you attend large family gatherings or parties throughout the month of December, chances are there is a ton of food leftover from these events. Typically, I’m too stuffed to even think about taking some of it home at the end of the night, but I’ve come to realize that a day or two later, I’d love to have some of it waiting for me in my fridge. With the feast my family had at Thanksgiving, we’ll have at least a week’s worth of meals for four people, saving a significant amount on this month’s grocery bill! To make sure you don’t get bored with the same old options, here are some ideas for spicing up leftovers:

Make Paninis. There is nothing as delicious as a good steak sandwich on thick bread with melted cheese. Similarly, you can put apples and cheese on leftover turkey to make an amazing gourmet sandwich. Grilling these sandwiches with a George Forman or Panini maker, or even on the stove, makes them even tastier than regular leftover sandwiches.

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Make a Breakfast Casserole. If you have leftover crudités, dice up all of those veggies and throw them into an egg casserole. You can also use any extra potatoes you have lying around from making mashed potatoes. You’ll have a nutritious breakfast that will last a few days and definitely be more interesting than your usual oatmeal or cereal.

Re-Use Desserts. If you have cookies, cakes and pie that are going uneaten and your hostess doesn’t have any use for them, bring them to your next gathering. We had two pies leftover at Thanksgiving that kept fine so we were able to serve them for dessert when we had dinner guests over that weekend. Closer to Christmas, extra cookies can make a great party favor or gift for teachers or acquaintances.

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