Songs That I Love To Sing

I am not a singer but I love singing inspirational and love songs when no one hears me, most of the time in closed-doors like KTV rooms or in the bathroom. Yes, I don’t have a good singing voice, though, I’m quite ashamed of it,  I’m  still gladly embracing my imperfection in this. What matters is the  joy that music gives to my soul.

Photo from the web
Photo from the web

Some of my favorite songs that I’m hoping to find a compilation in the music stand are Shine, A Moment Like This, God Gave Me You, Do I Make You Proud, You, Angels Brought Me Here, You’ve Made Me Stronger and others. Music, most of the time, helps us in emotionally dealing with our everyday worries and most especially in moments of victories and happiness. Life will definitely be dull without music.


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