Important Things To Bring When Traveling

Listed below are the important things that you should bring when traveling:

  1. Pocket Money
    Wherever you go, you should bring sufficient fund to cover your travel finances and to support unanticipated expenses.
  2. Identification Cards
    This is a must at all times. There are establishments that require IDs or passports for identification. When a fortuitous event happened to you, this can be a great help to easily identify you and contact your love ones.
  3. Spacious Traveling Bag
    A traveling bag is our companion in our journey. It is important that it has secret pockets for our valuables. It should not be too small nor too big. When you are traveling with a baby/kid, you should have a separate bag for their belongings. Your trip will be more enjoyable when you are comfortable in carrying your luggage.
  4. Snacks and Water
    You should bring food and water when you travel because you don’t know what will happen on your trip. Just to be safe, you may bring biscuits and bread, and to entice your kids and make their trip more memorable you may also bring their customized tumblers for their drinking water needs.
  5. Medicine Kit
    As I have said, you should always be prepared for what might happen. Bringing medicines for headache, stomachache, etc. is definitely important. You should also have  cotton, antiseptic liquid solution for wounds, bandage and plastic strips for unexpected injuries.


  1. All those stuff that you mentioned are very important when traveling. When we travel, our van is filled with stuff and my husband gets irritated, what would he expect, we have 5 children in tow 🙂

  2. great information mommy, summer is already here and most of us are going somewhere.. this will help us packing and readying the things to bring.. 🙂

  3. I always have to make sure I have the top one, but i never ever think about bringing medicines. Thanks for this tip! Maybe next time i will.

  4. Like you, I can’t travel without a medicine kit! My companions would often call me doktora because I have all the pills they’ll need. Better bring them all than have none in times of emergency.

  5. I agree with your listings. Can I add the “eco bag” on your list? I find it helpful at times of unscheduled shopping 🙂

  6. I always make it a point to have all of those things you mentioned when we travel. It pays to be prepared at all times.

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