Keisha’s Passion for Shoes

I love shoes! I collect shoes! I don’t know where my shoe obsession started, but I have so many shoes. And I think that my passion for shoes has been passed on to my daughter Keisha. At a very young age, I can see how excited she is everytime she has a new pair of shoes. If you take a peek of Keisha’s closet, you’ll see her collection. She has slip ons, flip flops, wedge, running shoes, boots. You name it, she has it.

Like the other day, we went to the mall to look for a dress. But we saw this big sign saying “Get Seasonal with DC Shoes” and they are on sale! So instead of buying a dress, we ended up shoes shopping for Keisha.

Being a shoe lover, it came to me as a surprise that DC Shoes offer footwear for kids, even for toddlers. I really thought they are only for adults, men to be particular.


We were actually eyeing for this cute pink and orange rubber shoes, and I can tell by Keisha’s smile just how much she loves the shoe. Too bad, it was the last pair and it was too big for Keisha.

Anyway, when buying Keisha’s shoe, I always look for the best brand, style, and designs. A good fit, flexibility, durability, comfort, and meeting the requirements of Keisha’s (who’ll be wearing them) are all essential things that I, as a mom, should always consider. DC shoes has been in the industry for so long, that’s why quality is not a question anymore.

So if your baby fashionista is screaming for a pair with some great new prints available such as glitter, polka-dots and starts or hearts. DC Shoes is a great option. For boys, DC Shoes are a must have and as they always seem to line the shelves season to season, they are a welcome investment.

  1. cute kids shoes. Kids shoes are really fashionista’s, my little boy has his own taste, very particular to design and he buys only what he chose.

    1. I guess not only my daughter, I should also be educated as well regarding that. =)

  2. my daughter only have 4 pairs of shoes, a black shoes for school , a rubber shoes and a sandal and a doll shoes and even i wanted to buy her , hubby wouldn’t wanted too. He was teaching our kids to live frugally so she would learn the value of keeping her things. your girl is lucky 🙂

  3. My girls are the same way. When we go out shopping, they always eyeballing the shoes section and wanted more pairs. They have so much and most of them are Tennis shoes for school, I guess I have to get them some dress shoes to wear with dresses 🙂

  4. I love pink too! I always bought clothing and accessories for my daughter either in pink or purple colors and my daughter loved it too. NO wonder why your little Keisha loved the shoe you found, unfortunately too big for her and that’s what I always hate about it, the right sizes are always out of stock. I felt so sorry about it because I’ve been there and that totally sucks.

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