Palm Sunday

palm sunday
Palm Sunday (photo from the web)

Palm Sunday is the holy day we commemorate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. It is called as such because of the palm branches that were laid on the road as Jesus rode the donkey entering Jerusalem.

Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday
(photo from the web)

Palm Sunday is a moveable feast celebrated by Christians that falls on the Sunday before Easter. Termed as “moveable” since its date varies depending on the date of Easter. It also marks the last week of Jesus’ earthly life and the beginning of Holy Week.

In remembrance of this holy event , we celebrate Palm Sunday yearly by attending mass and bringing palm or what we Filipinos commonly call “palaspas” and have it blessed by the priest with holy water. These are then taken home by families and placed in altars. Aside from this, there’s a Filipino belief that “palaspas” can drive away evil spirits. This is the reason why you see “palaspas”  outside of the windows and front doors of Filipino households.

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