Planning For A Summer Vacation

Summer has not yet officially started in our country, and, yet, we already feel the scorching heat of the sun.

Last summer, my family had an overnight stay in Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas for the celebration of our 3rd year wedding anniversary. This year, we are planning for another out of town trip.

As of this moment, while my husband is busy exploring this site,, I am checking the availability of hotels for our trip. Apparently, our plane tickets were already booked since September last year. Unfortunately, my choice of hotel/resort is fully-booked already causing me to blame myself for not reserving our room earlier. Now, I’m considering between two options, whether, I will rebook our ticket or choose a different hotel. Well, I hope my husband and I can decide on this the soonest possible time.

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