Babypalooza’s Spunkdesigns And Sophie The Giraffe Bath Island Giveaway

The 3rd Babypalooza Bazaar will be happening on August 17, 2013, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM at Walter Holgan Conference Center, ISO, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City. For more details, click HERE.

babypalooza giveaway
Babypalooza Giveaway
Giveaway starts on July 24, 2013 and ends on July 31, 2013.

In line with this, Babypalooza is giving away 2 awesome prizes namely, Spunkdesigns Customizable Mini Lootbags and Sophie the Giraffe Bath Island, to two (2) of my lovely readers.

1st prize (from Spunkdesigns): Customizable mini lootbags!

Spunkdesigns customizable mini lootbags

Spunkdesigns is an online shop that caters to busy individuals who want the convenience of shopping online for cute and unique gifts and giveaways, be it for their kid’s classmates, officemates and other occasions. Spunkdesigns is proud to offer these items at the best prices, both retail and wholesale!

M:  0917-5698993
T:   (02) 622-0680
E:   [email protected]

Prize details:

  • 40pcs mini lootbag only, should winner wish to add to that quantity, cost is P30 each.
  • Standard 2 weeks lead time still applies upon approval of design
  • Prize redeemable within one year from date of announcement of winner.
  • Shipping cost within Metro Manila delivery via Xend for 40pcs mini lootbag already included in prize (Valued at P120).

Should winner wish to have it shipped via a different courier or beyond Metro Manila, balance from shipping cost will be shouldered by the winner. Should winner choose to pick it up, shipping cost will not be convertible to cash or discount to other products.

2nd Prize: (1) Sophie The Giraffe Bath Island

Sophie Bath island - child in tub
Sophie Bath island

Good Price Trading is the  official distributor of Sophie the Giraffe and other Vulli products.

T: (02) 362 2110

Item Description: 

·   A bath toy with Sophie the Giraffe and plenty of accessories to encourage imaginative play

·   Has 2 suctions cups to stick it easily and firmly to the side of the bath.

·   Part of the very popular line of Sophie the Giraffe products that are very popular among Hollywood babies 

·    This is a limited edition Sophie the Giraffe item. It is actually not being currently sold in the Philippines 🙂 

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Disclaimer: I Love Keisha is not responsible for the fulfillment and shipment of the giveaway prizes.

Congratulations to our FIRST PRIZE WINNER, Ms. Emilie Canapi Prades Udasco and to our SECOND PRIZE WINNER, Lorie Rosales-Vega!!!

Please wait for my e-mail ladies! Thank you so much for joining!!!!


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    we’re excited too in the upcoming babypalooza bazaar 🙂

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      See you there!

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  • Reply Girlie Guivannie T. Cruz July 25, 2013 at 5:44 am

    This giveaway is very exciting. I am joining because I want to win the 1st prize…the Customizable mini loot bags for the up and coming birthday of my cutie nephew Miguel. These loot bags would really make him happy.
    Thanks and more power.

    Girlie Guivannie Cruz
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    Such a greaT giveaway with fab prizes.

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    i want to win for my daughter.thank you..

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    Cool prizes, kids will surely love that. Good luck to all participants.

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    I like the bath toys. I want something like that for my little girl.

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    those are great giveaways. Too bad I don’t have anymrore babies that can play with the bath toys. the loot bags are cute too.

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    I love the giveaway its so exciting.

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    I love to win for my baby’s birthday

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  • Reply Ane July 29, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    I don’t like bath toys! hahaha! It just gets so crowded in the bath sometimes with all the kids’ toys, I always ask my kids to get rid of their toys before I use the bathroom, a rubber duckie or two is fine though. 😛

    Awesome giveaway for parents who don’t mind having bath toys in the bathroom. 😀

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    Thank you for this giveaway!:) I wanna win!:)

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    Sayang, I didn’t get to join. Ang ganda pa naman ng prizes! 🙂

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