Celebrate A Hello Kitty Birthday With Jollibee Kids Party

When you ask kids where they want to celebrate their birthday party, without a blink of an eye, they will giddily say “Jollibee!”

Jollibee has been a huge part of every child’s life. And, through the years Jollibee continuously provides memorable and fun-filled parties, delicious food, exciting games and surprises.  Now, Jollibee welcomes the newest addition to its existing kiddie themed parties. Little princesses’ will surely enjoy more their special day with a Hello Kitty-themed Jollibee Kids Party.  How exciting is that?

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyCelebrate with Hello Kitty and book a Jollibee Kids Party for your kid now.

Last Saturday, we attended the media launch of Jollibee’s Hello Kitty Party at Jollibee Green Meadows. Being a fan of Hello Kitty and with much  fascination for pink and girly things, I was extra excited to attend the event.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyAll the guests were tickled pink by the special Hello Kitty cake, as well as the pink party hats, pink loot bags, invitations and other awesome party favors featuring the beloved cartoon character. It’s like we were brought to Hello Kitty land.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyWhile waiting for the program to start, my 3-year old daughter, Keisha,  did an art activity first. Different materials were provided by the Jollibee team from the colored papers down to the colorful, non-toxic glues and crayons.


The event was hosted by the celebrity mom, Ms. Lexi Schulze who gave a bit background of Hello Kitty. All the while, I thought Hello Kitty originated from Japan but to my surprise she was born in the suburbs of London on November 1 and considered British. She was originally named Kitty White with a height described as 5 stacked apples and with a weight of 3 apples. Hello Kitty was produced and made popular by the Japanese company Sanrio in 1974.

Ms. Lexi Schulze for Jollibee Hello Kitty Party LaunchMs. Lexi Schulze

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyThe celebration was made more festive with the exciting games prepared by the game master both for the kids and the parents. Look at these cute little girls listening carefully to the game instructions.
Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyJollibee spaghetti, Chickenjoy, Jolly hotdog  with cheese, chocolate cake, ice cream and pineapple juice for the kids.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyAnd the adults were served with a choice between Jolly Spaghetti or Jollibee Chicken and Mushroom Pasta (this is a must-try), Chickenjoy, cake, Peach Mango Pie, ice cream and iced tea.

Jollibee makes it very convenient for parents to plan their children’s Hello Kitty dream party. They can choose from a variety of party food packages or go with the flexible Create-Your-own Package so they can choose the Jollibee treats they want served. Everyone can feast on yummy Jollibee Spaghetti, Chickenjoy, Jolly Hotdog and other langhap-sarap favorites.

Keisha celebrated her 2nd birthday party in Jollibee Amang Rodriguez in Pasig. She’s actually one of the first few celebrants of that branch for it was newly constructed that time. With my experience, I can attest that the transaction was fast, all my special requests were noted and done accordingly. My orders were all served on time. It was indeed a very convenient and hassle-free transaction even though we had almost 200 guests causing us to occupy the whole 2nd floor of that Jollibee branch. How  I wish Jollibee will have a bigger party place that can accommodate more guests. =)

Personally, I’m more than happy that they included Hello Kitty in their party packages. Keisha has been asking for a Jollibee party again this year and  I’m actually rooting for a Hello Kitty theme. This is good news for me! I’m sure most moms are also excited to book and celebrate their little girl’s party with  Hello Kitty theme in Jollibee.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartySpecial dance number by the kids’ favorites, Jollibee, Hetty, Twirlie, Yum and Popo.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyThe executives of Jollibee Foods Corporation who graced the launch.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyThe kids with Jollibee, Hetty, Twirlie, Yum and Popo.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyHere’s our magnetic picture from the photobooth.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyHello Kitty Loot bag

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartySurprisingly, my daughter and I won “Best Dressed” during the launch. Thank you so much Jollibee!

Aside from Hello Kitty, Jollibee Kids Party also offers other fun themes like My Bestfriend Jollibee bash, magical party at Jollitown or channel their superhero with Batman.

What are you waiting for? Give your kids the happiest birthday celebration to remember and treat her to a Hello Kitty Jollibee Kids Party! Visit your nearest Jollibee store or log on to www.jollibeeparty.com.ph for more details.

    1. Yes Ms. Jheylo, I think Jollibee’s spaghetti is perfect for the Filipino taste.

  1. Well, I will have to take pride on being the first one to tell you that you and Keisha were bagging the best dressed mom and daughter prize! I felt it in my bones. Congrats, gorgeous mom and baby! 😀

    1. I was actually a bit pressured when you said that.=) Anyway, thank you for at least considering us to bag the surprise award. =) I think we got it from you since we have the same roots. (Lol! Let’s trace again our family tree.)

    1. We’re on the same boat Mommy Peh! =) Our little girls fell in love with Jollibee’s Hello Kitty party.

  2. Congratulations for winning the best-dressed award! You and your daughter really stood out that day. Sayang we were not properly introduced. I didn’t know you were a blogger too kasi 🙂

    1. It’s really convenient plus the fact that it’s the child’s dream birthday party.

  3. that was a gorgeous Hello Kitty party at Jollibee. My daughter loves Hello Kitty,a nd hopefully, when we go on vacation in 2015, she can have a Jollibee birthday party also, and she can have her cousins as her guests.

  4. I’m glad that Jollibee has a new theme for their Kiddie Parties. Had this been available last year when my niece turned one, I’m sure this would have been the theme for her Jollibee party. 🙂

  5. That Jollibee Hello Kitty theme party looks real cute. I’m sure kids will love to have this kind of party thrown for them.

  6. Did your kid enjoy a lot in this kind of a party? or the other way around, the mother did enjoy? But for sure, I know both of you have been satisfied with this party. If there is one in our place, I would also bring my 4 grandchildren. I want them to be happy too.

  7. My youngest daughter has been asking for a Hello Kitty party ever since she first heard it was being offered as a party theme in Jollibee. Your daughter certainly looks good in her outfit that day.

  8. Very cute theme for a child’s party! I think not only children fancy and like the Hello Kitty in the Jollibee setting but also the adult. I’m just not sure about the guys. 🙂

  9. Ohh! I definitely love Hello kitty! this is such a cute party. When I have a baby girl one day, I’ll definitely celebrate one of her birthdays at Jollibee 😀 It’s easier that way too. Love the lootbag!

  10. What a memorable birthday party. Kids are really happy to have a birthday party at Jollibee. I hope my son get a great party too when he turned 7 y.o.

  11. i would love my daughter to celebrate her bday as well in jollibee but there’s no jollibee here in malaysia. hopefully back in philippines this yaer. the party looks amazing and fun!

  12. This will break the norm of the usual Jollibee Birthday Party, and for mommies and daughter’s wouldn’t have any problems of having that cute hello kitty theme at Jollibee. By the way congratz for winning the Best Dress, well deserved.

  13. I always wonder why kids love Jollibee? Could it be the color Red, or the bee look? But one thing is for sure, you will never go wrong with a Jollibee birthday party :).

  14. Now that’s an interesting fact about Hello Kitty! I thought she was all Japanese! 😛 How cool that she’s half British! 😀

  15. Hndi na talaga maalis sa mga bata ang Jolibee. Parte na ng kabataan ang Jolibee, kahit nung bata ako ang lagi kong bukang bibig ay jolibee kahit na nasa Mcdo ako hehe

    1. Hi! No, we have a different supplier for the photobooth. However, you may inquire from them because some branches have their own accredited suppliers for that.

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