Jollitown Is Back On GMA This Coming July 20

Catch the all new episodes of  “The Jollitown Kids Show” starting July 20, 2013, every Saturday, from 8:40 A.M. to 9:15 A.M. on GMA Kapuso.

The Jollitown Kids Show

Now on its season 6, Jollitown is back with more lively and interactive 13 episodes that kids will surely love. There will be a live audience where kids can explore the Jollitown and at the same time interact with the Jollitown gang – the energetic trio of Justin, Hannah and Gabbie, Jollibee and his friends namely, Hetty, Twirlie, Popo and Yum.

The Jollitown gang

In one of its episodes, my little girl was privileged to experience what it is to be in Jollitown. She was mesmerized with the colorful and kid-friendly studio and enjoyed chit-chatting with the other kids. What made her happier was the presence of Jollibee and his friends.  She happily danced together with the Jollitown gang and some of the Jollibee Kids Club members. And, there I was taking photos and videos of  what I consider milestone in my little girl’s life who truly loves Jollibee and Hetty.

The Jollitown Kids ShowWelcome to Jollitown!

Keisha in JollitownKeisha in Jollitown

Each episode is created where kids will learn new things including Filipino values from team work, friendship and generosity, to staying healthy and caring for the environment while having fun. There will also be storytelling, song and dance performances, plus new, fun and educational segments such as the Jollibee Kids Club Corner plus surprise guests every week.


JollitownHere’s Keisha dancing with the Jollitown gang. That’s her wearing a dress with tights and black boots.

DSCN5219Kids were encouraged to rest in between takes. Food and mineral water were well-provided by the staff.

Here’s  a video of my daughter rehearsing with the other kids:

Just a brief background, it was year 2008 when Jollitown aired its pilot episode on national television. From then on, it started to be the favorite show of kids and earned the trust of moms when it comes to educational kiddie shows and garnered the following awards over the years:

  • 2008 Araw Values Awards: Special Citation for Pioneering Values Formation and Advocacy
  • 2009 Araw Awards: Bronze Araw Award  for Integrated Media Campaign and Silver Araw Award for Digital (Jollitown Website)
  • 2009-2010 Tambuli Awards: Bronze Award for Best Integrated & Innovative Campaign
  • 2011 Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness Awards: International Grand Jury Bronze Medallion in Integrated (Mixed Media) Marketing
  • 2011 Araw Awards: Silver Araw Media Award for Best Use of Branded Content – Excellence (Idea)
  • 2012 Araw Value Awards: Bronze Award for Jollitown Crystal Quest Game

And for sure it will continue to receive more awards in the years to come for its excellence in providing  informative and lively show for the kids.

For now, let me end this by sharing my daughter’s 2nd birthday pictures taken last October 2011 with Jollibee, Hetty and Twirlie. She really loves Jollibee and requesting for another Jollibee kiddie party.

Keisha's 2nd Jollibee Birthday Party

Keisha's 2nd Jollibee Birthday Party
Again, let’s all mark our calendars for the airing of Jollitown Season 6, July 20, 2013, 8:40 A.M. on GMA!

To know more about Jollitown, you may visit their website:




    1. Maybe, they opted to have it shown hand-in-hand with the kids schooling so they’ll have a sort of a refresher/review every weekend.

    1. Yes, she was really happy and she truly enjoyed that day dancing with the Jollitown gang and the other kids.

    1. Yes! Jollibee is indeed the all-time favorite of kids and even the OFWs and immigrants abroad.

  1. Oh! Good to know that this fave show of my kids is back on TV. We tend to get a bit late for church on Sunday because of this 🙁

    1. Your kids surely loved it but Jollitown has new and exciting surprises this season that your kids will even more love.

  2. I was invited but didn’t join the exclusive screening for this new episode kasi di pa ako mommy. LOL It’s good to know that Jollibee is doing the nice things for the kids!

  3. This is a big day for the family, the mother and her kid to be in Jollitown at GMA. Surely kids and mothers will be enjoying this wholesome fun and games in Jollitown with Jollibees characters.

    1. Yes mommy, not only to the kids but to the stage mothers who were present there as well.

    1. Yes it was. Unfortunately, in between takes Keisha cried because there was a little boy who kept on teasing her.

    1. He’ll get used to the mascots little by little. My daughter was like that years ago.

  4. Awww! Keisha looks so cute dancing with the rest of the kids 🙂 My little K loves Jollibee and she had her advance 6th birthday last year in Jollibbe during our Philippines vacation 🙂

  5. Cute naman your daughter! 🙂 My kuya is actually one of the director’s of Jollitown. My sister-in-law naman edits the episodes. 🙂

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