Magical Moments Come To Life With John Lloyd Cruz

When an unexpected event happen in your life in the most surreal way touching your heart with deep happiness, that moment is magical…

Hence, a magical moment comes in an unanticipated time  that brings you sudden joy and will definitely brighten up your not so special day. It need not to be grand nor luxurious, it may come in its simplest form that will leave a special mark in your heart.

Magical Moments Come To Life With John Lloyd Cruz

And this is what Jack ‘n Jill Magic’s newest campaign is all about – highlighting life’s little surprises by giving its consumers unforgettable magical moments thus making their ordinary day extra special.

The campaign was launched at Xin Tian Di Restaurant in Crowne Plaza and was graced by executives of Jack ‘n Jill Magic. “We wanted to give the campaign another dimension by taking it beyond TV. We wanted it to touch the lives of actual people, so we’re bringing the magic to other areas in Metro Manila,” said Chris. This is a true to life campaign tapping people from all walks of life. Anyone can experience magic anytime of the day.

Magical Moments Come To Life With John Lloyd Cruz

And, the big question is, who can best represent the company’s goal of bringing magical moments to people of the metro?

Magical Moments Come To Life With John Lloyd CruzIt’s no other than the celebrity heartthrob/endorser, multi-awarded actor and box office king himself  – Mr. John Lloyd Cruz who’s with the brand for the past three years. No wonder why this project was given to him as he can truly make an ordinary day of an individual special through his charm and goodness. His dramatic entrance to the launch and his mere presence was sort of magical. Honestly, for me it really was.

John Lloyd Cruz for Magic

“When it comes to bringing magic on and offscreen, John Lloyd is everyone’s go-to leading man,” said Magic Marketing Director Chris Fernandez. “We feel that he can even take it a step further by turning  the mundane into something magical for just about anyone.”

John Lloyd Cruz for Magic
When asked how does he feel to be part of Magic’s newest campaign…

“This is my third year with Magic and it’s such an honor to be with the brand for this long,” he revealed. “I’m pretty excited about this campaign because the concept is really engaging and fun. Finding nice little surprises in your everyday routine can really be magical.”

He added, “And bringing the campaign to life by taking it to different places in the city is a really great thing.”

Magic’s Campaign:

“We wanted to give the campaign another dimension by taking it beyond TV. We wanted it to touch the lives of actual people, so we’re bringing the magic to other areas in Metro Manila,” said Chris. “Who knows… one of these days, you might just bump into Magic and John Lloyd in your neighborhood or workplace.”

Let’s take the case of Ms. Ma. Luisa “Malou” Alicaway, mom and OFW who worked in several countries like Dubai, Taiwan and Oman for about a decade. One evening, while waiting for her Cebu Pacific flight to Hongkong, she found herself sitting beside a handsome and familiar looking man, who offered her Magic Flakes and gave her a “Kabuhayan Package” worth of P50,000.00 Universal Robina Corporation (URC) products. As John Lloyd said “I know your story”. Ms. Malou’s magical moment and encounter with JL left her teary-eyed. “I have no words to express how thankful I am to URC for giving me something I never even asked for, much less expected.” she said.

Magical moment with John Lloyd Cruz
Magic endorser John Lloyd Cruz surprised single mom Malou Alicaway with a P50,000.00 Kabuhayan Package

Few days later, the URC team visited the Alicaway home in Quezon province to deliver the Kabuhayan Package. The family was so grateful for the blessing. According to Ms. Malou’s son, Manny, it was exactly what they needed to bring back their once-thriving sari-sari store.

Magicacal moment come to life with John Lloyd Cruz
The Alicaway family enjoys a Magic-filled day with the URC team, who handed them a P50,000.00 Kabuhayan Package.

From Magic’s latest commercials:

Magical moment come to life with John Lloyd Cruz
Very much the leading man, John Lloyd charms his female co-stars in the commercial series for Magic’s latest campaign.
Magical moment come to life with John Lloyd Cruz
A special moment is captured between John Lloyd and his co-star on the set of Magic’s newest commercial.

And here’s my own magical moment with John Lloyd Cruz.
Magical moment with John Lloyd Cruz
The event was indeed magical in itself  for me since I never expected to see JL that day. I am his fan ever since his Tabing Ilog days where he first showcased his excellent acting skills. Just a brief trivia,  we grew up from the same place – Santolan, Pasig. My mom was a classmate of her auntie in their elementary and highschool days. According to her, she had been to John Lloyd’s home where she frequently visited JL’s auntie way back 20++ years ago. Mom is not sure if the baby boy she saw before was John Lloyd or his brother. If JL is 30 years old now, I assume the young boy was his older brother. Aside from living in the same barangay, we also attended same school in our elementary days but I never had the chance to know nor meet him then. When he was discovered in Sta. Lucia Mall and started showbizness, that created a buzz in our place. Of course, we were all proud of him. You know how Filipinos support their fellow “kababayan” right? From then on, my family, most especially my dad had been an avid fan of him up to this day. That’s why his presence and grand entrance during the Magic event was magical and unforgettable  for me since I wanted to meet him for years and finally, it happened. Thank you Magic!

During the event, we were served with sumptuous dishes. I was amazed to see that some of the dishes were cooked with Magic Flakes. Here’s the menu:
Xin Tian Di Restaurant menu
Xin Tian Di Restaurant menu
Xin Tian Di Restaurant
Xin Tian Di Restaurant
Xin Tian Di Restaurant

With Magic’s latest campaign, more Filipinos all over the metro can experience magic in their day-to-day lives. Who knows, you might be the next lucky person who can experience magical moment with John Lloyd Cruz and URC.


  1. It’s been awhile since I had magic flakes 🙂 Lucky you to have attended this event and saw JLC in person 🙂

  2. Oh M! youve seen JLC in person 🙁 envy much! did you have that moment in awe like the girl in the commercial when Lloydie suddenly appears? Magical!

    1. Yiee!!! I had haha! I’m so kilig because I super like him. And also, I love his attitude, he’s so kind, patient and very accommodating.

  3. Lucky you to be standing next to John Lloyd! 🙂
    I’m sure the food was great. I love dining at Crowne Plaza’s restaurants; been there quite often since I used to work for a Gokongwei company. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, the all they served were all delish, most especially those cooked with Magic Flakes.

  4. ano bang meron si John Lloyd at madaming nababaliw sa kanya haha met him couple times years back di naman mashado pogi ahahaha maappeal lang haha but magic flakes is good pamatid gutom! 🙂

    1. What I admired more about him is his attitude and his way of conversing with people.

    1. You will admire him once you meet him personally. He’s so gracious, gentleman and very down to earth.

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