Why You Should Shop Online for Black Friday Deals

About 89 million adults shopped either online or in traditional stores during Black Friday in 2012 to explore and enjoy as many deals as they could. During the entire four-day weekend, a record number of shoppers – 247 million visited bricks and mortar stores or shopped online, spending close to $59 billion with the average shopper spending about $423, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). Large crowds of people camp outside of popular stores for days just to be able to be as close to the front of the line as possible when they open on this special annual day of shopping. However, the best route to take if you want to be able to capture the best deals on this day is to shop for them online.

Explore Savings Not Available Any Other Time

A major benefit of shopping on Black Friday is that you are able to explore promotional sales and offers that are not available at any other time during the year. These retailers are providing discounts for their products that are lower than what they have offered previously primarily because they know that the demand for these products will be higher than it is throughout the year.

Amazon has become one of the most popular websites to visit each Black Friday, especially since close to 8 million people shopped there on this big day in 2011, according to Quantcast.com. For additional savings, you can even use coupon codes that could give you $5 off Orders $50 or More and other promotional offers that can be combined with these prices that have already been drastically reduced specifically for this national sale.

No Need for Waiting in Line

About 28 percent of Black Friday shoppers camped out in front of at least one store in 2012, according to the NRF. An immediate benefit that you will be able to experience even before you shop for your first product is that you will be able to avoid waiting in long lines and camping out in front of stores just to have a chance at being one of the few people that purchase your desired product before the store completely runs out of stock. By shopping online instead, you will have a better chance of being able to purchase the item without any delays and ambitious shoppers. While many popular websites still have great offers during this day with limited timing periods and deadlines, you will be able to spend more time actually shopping for these deals instead of spending countless hours waiting to even get access into the store.

The Bottom Line

There are so many different stores that you can travel to and visit each Black Friday to have a great shot at walking away with an amazing deal. There are many families that will even end their Thanksgiving celebrations early just so that they can begin camping at their favorite store before massive crowds begin to build up in front of the entrance. Shopping online during this special day is one of the best decisions that you can make, especially if you want to be able to save both time and money when you are searching for the best retail deals available in the country.

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