Call For A Better Nation

Hello mommies!

Forgive me for my blogging hiatus I was busy with our family business and with the  TV streamers reviews that I accepted a month ago. Aside from this,  two weeks ago, our house was  almost submerged in the flood again because of the Tropical Storm Maring that hit our country. My family had been vigilant with heavy rains ever since we experienced “Ondoy” and “Habagat”. Well, just to inform everyone, not all areas in Vista Verde Cainta, Rizal experience flood. There are also flood-free areas here so please stop calling our place “Isla Verde”. Please don’t make fun of our situation.

Global warming makes our weather bipolar. Now, it’s no longer surprising to hear/watch in the news stories about different places submerged in the flood with just one heavy downpour of rain. Philippines is not like this years ago. I don’t even have a memory of flood when I was young. I just feel bad that my daughter’s childhood is starting to be filled with memories of catastrophes like this.

I hope our government will do something about this before all of us will drown in flood or die in hunger. Please use the government fund that came from our paid taxes work for the benefit of the Filipino people and not for the advantage of few heartless individuals. I hope the government will hear the sentiments, care and act accordingly for the benefit of the ordinary Filipino people who are working hard to survive in this kind of world where all your movement has an equivalent amount of tax to be paid. From the food that you eat, the grocery items you buy, the gasoline for transportation, etc. Not all are rich and can afford the high prices of commodities and can live up to the small amount of salary earned less the amount of tax automatically deducted from their pay slip.

I hope we will all be united in prayer for the reform in our government, for the lawmakers and politicians to fully embrace the essence of their job, for the corruption to stop, for justice be served, for peace and order in our country, for food and shelter of  our fellow Filipinos, for progress in our own communities and others. Nothing is impossible with God and with the united voice of the people for the common good.


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