Feeling Better

Hello everyone!

Forgive me for the lack of blog posts the past few days as I’ve been recuperating from my bad case of fever and flu that hit me when we visited my husband’s relatives in Rizal, Laguna last Saturday. My previous entry about Sarah Geronimo’s latest album, Expressions, was drafted a week ago and was only published yesterday afternoon due to my sickness. Technically, I was stuck on bed for about a week.

It’s difficult to be sick most especially, when you’re a homemaker,  mother, blogger and businesswoman all in one.  Just imagine the numerous and various jobs piled up. Good thing here at home, I have a trusted and reliable house helper who’s responsible enough and can deliver work without supervision. My husband also stepped up and took part in several household responsibilities. On the other hand, my auntie who also helps me in running our business also exerted an extra effort and worked harder for the number of days that I’m knocked out on bed.

If you’re following me on Instagram (@kayefig), you would know that I had my check-up last Tuesday in Medical City’s satellite clinic in Sta. Lucia, Mall. Three medicines were prescribed for my cough and colds. An anti-histamine was also given since the doctor suspected that my cough was caused by an allergy.

Medical City

To date, it was the worst case of cough I had. For a non-asthmatic person like me, I almost thought I had and I even sprayed my husband’s unused inhaler. I also experienced excruciating pain in my tummy area for almost two days because of excessive coughing. I honestly hope that I’m on my way to recovery since I still have lots of work to do.

I am looking forward to do the following:

1. exercise for  better health
2. zumba
3. stroll in malls
4. blog
5. finish my pending paper works for our business
6. play with my daughter and kiss her on the lips =)

To all my readers, I hope you’ll all take extra care of your health most especially this rainy season as there are numerous sickness that  you can easily acquire. I suggest you eat  healthy and balanced diet, take multivitamins most especially vitamin C, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, have enough sleep at night, stay away from stress and negative vibes and to top it all always bring your umbrella wherever you go.



  1. August 17, 2013 / 5:22 pm

    Yes, you’re definitely right. Kelangan talga ingatan ang sarili kasi mahirap talga magkasakit lalo na if you’re a mom who has children. Hindi ka man lang mkalapit sa kanila. 🙁 Tapos tambak pa ang work mo dahil you need to rest talga pra mapadali ang recovery. It’s good to know that you have someone to take care of the kids and your business too! Get well soon sis! 🙂

  2. August 18, 2013 / 1:34 am

    Glad you are now feeling better. It is hard when the Mom is the one’s getting sick.

    • Maica Ocfemia-Figuracion
      August 19, 2013 / 5:13 am

      Yes, it’s hard but I’d rather be sick than to see my daughter suffering from fever and flu.

  3. August 18, 2013 / 12:03 pm

    Glad you’re feeling better. May you accomplish all your tass.:)

    • Maica Ocfemia-Figuracion
      August 19, 2013 / 5:12 am

      Thank you!

  4. August 19, 2013 / 4:22 pm

    Good to know that you are feeling better na! It’s difficult when the mom gets sick.

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