Sarah Geronimo’s Latest Album: Expressions

Last Saturday, I went to Eastwood City Walk to catch Sarah Geronimo’s Expressions mall tour. Ever since, I am a supporter and an avid fan of Sarah G., be it in the music scene or in movies. I’m mostly present in her concerts, watch her TV shows, support the products she endorses and patronize her movies most especially her team up with the one and only box office king, John Lloyd Cruz.Sarah Geronimo Expressions Album

For the love of the Popstar Princess, Sarah G., I managed to stand on the venue for almost 3 hours just to see her perform and have my CD signed. Fan mode on! Seats were occupied fast since most of her fans came in early.

Sarah Geronimo Expressions Album
We didn’t wait much and the show started with the audience screaming and cheering in excitement. Yey!

Sarah Geronimo Expressions Album
As expected, Sarah gave her best when she performed, conquered the stage effortlessly and touched the hearts of the crowd.

Sarah Geronimo Expressions Album

Sarah Geronimo Expressions Album
Sarah G.’s Expressions album marks her 10th year in show business and her 25th birthday celebration. This is her way of expressing her gratefulness to all her avid fans who supported and cared for her for the past 10 years. Another contributing factor why this album is extra-special is the inclusion of the song “Make Me Yours” written by Sarah Geronimo herself with music by no less than Mr. Louie Ocampo. With a decade of sharing her heartwarming songs, this is the first time she released her own composition and to sing a duet with her Daddy Delfin in the song “You’ve Got A Friend“.

Songs included in Sarah Geronimo’s Expressions Album:

1. Again
2. Pati Ang Pangarap Ko
3. Ikot-ikot
4. Tayo
5. Maari Ba
6. Eyes On Fire
7. Sweetest Mistake
8. Mama
9. You’ve Got A Friend (Duet with Daddy Delfin)
10. Make Me Yours

Bonus Track: It Takes A Man  And A Woman

Here’s my signed Expressions album of the Popstar Royalty, Sarah G.

sarah geronimo's expressions

You can avail Sarah Geronimo’s album, Expressions at Odyssey or at your favorite music stores nationwide for only P350.00.

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  1. Whoa! Almost 3 hours of standing and waiting? Well I guessall your pagod are worth it because you we’re able to see your idol. Ako din cguro, titiisin ang ganun pra lang makita at mka harap face to face ang idol. Hihi. 😀

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