Autumnal Shoes for a Little Boy: What Treads Does He Need?

During the early years, it seems like our children’s feet are growing constantly. Having to replace their shoes every season can be a real bugbear, especially if you spend a fortune per pair, but with George at ASDA you can breathe a sigh of relief a little when you get to the checkout and realise the bill isn’t anywhere near what it might be on the high street.

As the seasons turn and autumn draws in, the need for some decent shoes becomes even more important. While the summer will undoubtedly have seen your lad in sandals or crocs for the duration, the colder seasons require a little more thought into footwear. We all know how boisterous lads can be, and scuffed shoes and muddy trainers are a regular sight, but with affordable shoes you don’t need to worry about finding the funds to replace them. Take a look at this list of shoes that would be handy to have on their shoe rack.

School Shoes

OK, so school may have already started but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to think about school shoes until next year, because undoubtedly, you will. Keep an eye on the selection of great value school shoes and opt for the scuff-resistant option so that the chances of having them ruined within the first couple of days is much less likely.


As the seasons change, the chance of rain increases (which we should be used to in the UK, really), and this is when wellies become a wardrobe essential. You can pick up a pair for cheap nowadays, which would be perfect for days out in the rain, splashing in puddles and playing in the mud.


No, they’re not the same thing as wellies! When it’s cold outside, you want your kids’ feet to be as warm and comfortable as possible and that’s not going to happen in the bitter weather without a pair of sturdy, cosy winter boots. As the new season’s stock arrives in store, the selection of fabulous boots increases, so keep an eye on the shelves.

Make sure the boots you choose have a good grip so that they can play safely and choose some with a water-resistant coating so that they’re safe to wear in the rain.

Day to Day Shoes

Trainers are perfect for this, and while a pair of Converse or Vans may be the super cool option, the selection of trainers for affordable prices from George are just as good. Whether they want to play outside with their mates or if you’re dragging them round the shops, a pair of trainers will do the trick.


While these aren’t essential, if you have any occasions or events coming up that your child has been invited to, such as a family wedding, a smart pair of shoes will be required. High top boat shoes or loafers would be trendy and comfortable, perfect to make him look dapper on the day.

Gone are the days where you feel the need to collapse at the sight of the shoe bill – grab your son’s footwear requirements from the supermarket shelves and your money will go much, much further.


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