Make Me Yours

Thank God it’s Friday!


Time flies so fast, I didn’t even notice that it’s already weekend. Like a kid, I am giddy excited when it’s Friday because it simply means I have two days off from the daily routines that I do plus I have an extra bonding time to spend with my Keisha and my husband not to mention that I get the liberty to shop on weekends.

On the contrary, yesterday, I was feeling quite melancholic because of some reasons that I would not want to disclose. Well, it had nothing to do with the people around me. It’s just the call of my inner self that I dealt with. Perhaps, I might be going through some quarter life crisis and I just caught myself unaware. Let me talk about that in a separate post.

And so I decided to listen to my current favorite song from Sarah Geronimo’s latest album, Expressions entitled “Make Me Yours”. We have known the “Popstar Princess” now called “Popstar Royalty” as a total performer, in this song, she shared her unexposed talent in composing. Hands down to the princess! She nailed this song perfectly. If only I’m blessed with a God-given talent like hers in music I would have enjoyed more the recent gift that I received from a friend. It’s a dukoff tenor mouthpiece. Hopefully, I can use it the soonest or I can pass it to Keisha sometime.

For now, let me share with you the live performance of Sarah Geronimo singing “Make Me Yours” during her album tour in Eastwood Mall.

As I told you, I can totally relate to this song to transcend from my current personal issues. Anyway, this will pass. I will be okay.

Happy weekend everyone!

  1. I am always thankful when it’s Friday, no need to wake up early! Hope you are feeling better by now.

  2. I sure need to hear those quote, how timely. I’m stressed out because we are moving and I have so many things going on in my brain, it’s overwhelming. Thanks for sharing this song!

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