Working on the Job Site with an Electrician

When you ask any subcontractor, they will tell you that the flow of work is critical. After the framing is done, the first contractor on the job should be an electrician. One of the reasons this is the case is because it is so hard to try to string electrical wire when other things are in the way. If you talk to any electrician in Oklahoma City, they can tell you that this is the case. Of course, this does not stop the HVAC people from wanting to be the first into a new building. HVAC consists of many large pieces of pipe that need to be located in certain spots within floor joist, and the belief from HVAC people is that the electrical wires are easier to navigate wherever they need to. However, while that may be true, it is not easy to string wire when other things are in the way.General Contractors Control the Flow of Work

The key in all of this is that the general contractor controls the flow of work. It is critical that the general contractor schedule subcontractors appropriately to make sure the electricians are in the framed building first. When working on a large apartment complex or a multi-floor building, it is necessary to have other subcontractors come in behind the electricians to begin working. However, some of those other subcontractors will want to jump ahead of the electricians. It is up to the general contractor to make sure this does not happen.

Messes on a Job Site Make It Hard to String Wire

One of the main reasons electricians need to be first is because it is easy for the wire to become entangled in the garbage on the ground. In order to avoid this, it is critical that the mess from the framers is picked up before the electricians come in to do their job. It is also critical that other subcontractors work behind the electricians to make sure their messes do not hinder them in their work either. Every electrician in Oklahoma City appreciates a general contractor that watches out for them and makes their job easier by doing these few things. In the end, it also saves them time and money on the overall project.


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