Cheers To A Fruitful October!

Forgive me for lack of blog updates, Team Figuracion just got back from our 3 days and 2 nights staycation in a heavenly and relaxing man-made resort in Plantation Bay Resort & Spa in Cebu. We’ve been there last May for our 4th year wedding anniversary celebration and since my husband fell in love with the place, he requested to celebrate in advance his 28th birthday there as well last week. Thank God for the sunny weather in Cebu!

Here’s a video of my daughter, Keisha and my husband:

When BER months start to kick in, I always feel extremely excited and happy knowing that Christmas is coming. Who wouldn’t love the most wonderful time of the year? I love Christmas! I love the Christmas vibe! I love the joyful smile on people’s face. I love giving and receiving gifts, but, before I focus and prepare for Christmas, let me share with you how thrilled I am for this month.

As I mentioned in my post before, I am the busiest when it’s October because it’s the natal month of two of the most important people in my life – my husband and my daughter, Keisha.

Listed below are some of the activities/events that I’m excited about:

  • Husband’s birthday celebration – My husband celebrated his 28th birthday last October 1. He had 4 different celebrations in different places.
    1st – 3D/2N stay in Plantation Bay Resort and Spa
    2nd – afternoon snack in his office
    3rd – house party at our humble abode
    4th – post-birthday dinner at Vikings in SM Marikina

    Team Figuracion in Plantation Bay, Cebu
    Husband’s pre-birthday celebration in Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Cebu.
  • Sample Room Thanksgiving Party which will happen tomorrow in BGC.
  • This October 19, we’ll have our very first Parent-Teacher Conference. I’m more than excited to know the activities done by Keisha in school. Her development will also be discussed as well as her difficulties. With Keisha’s 4 months attending school, I’ve seen and noticed much progress in her – she now knows how to write her own name. She’s really a fast-learner. No doubt on that. But, I would love to personally hear her teacher’s evaluation on her. I hope she’s really doing well in class and I hope I can properly address her weakness in school.

    Keisha's Milestone
    Glad I captured the first-time I’ve seen my daughter writing letter A. The rest of the collage are the stamps she earned in school for a job well done.
  • Keisha’s costume party in school – Keisha’s school will throw a costume party for the kids before the school break. The kids are asked to dress up wearing their best costumes with suggested themes: nature, fairy tales, cartoon heroes, costumes of different nations, community helpers. Take note that scary costumes are discouraged.ย  I’m now thinking what costume she’ll wear for this event. I’ll also check cheap fashion jewelry online for her accessories.

    Reply Slip I love keisha
    Yes, I allow my child to join. Keisha’s mom loves to dress her little daughter a lot.
  • Another costume party she’ll attend is the trick-or-treat affair here in our village.

    Pink pumpkin basket
    Bought this yesterday at Toys R’ Us. I love that it’s pink.
  • Keisha’s 4th birthday – Time flies fast, my baby is now turning 4. She’s even begging me to have a baby brother. For Keisha’s birthday this year, she wants to celebrate it in her school so my husband and I both agreed to that idea but my father-in-law still wants to have a separate party here at home for our neighbors, relatives and close friends.

    This reminds me to order Keisha's cake and giveaways for her school party.
    This reminds me to order Keisha’s cake and giveaways for her school party.
  • My brother’s 21st birthday – As we all know, boys celebrate their debut on their 21st birthday. I still don’t know what’s my mom’s plan for this day but I’m quite sure we’ll have a party for my brother.
  • Another out-of-the-country trip – Yahoo! I feel blessed that we get to travel this year, I’ll share soon where we’re heading. One thing’s for sure, Keisha loves this place just like Cebu.

On top of all of these, I’m excited with the project I’ll do with a trusted brand. I can’t wait to share the details to all of you soon.

To all my readers, cheers to a fun and exciting October! Hope we’ll all have a blast this month!

How about you, what plans/activities do you have this month?

  1. october for me is the busiest month too:) we’ll celebrate lots of bdays including my son and wedding anniversary:)

    wow your hubby celebrates his bday more than once..that’s cool:) also your lovely daughter did a great job! she can write her name as early as son who’s also 4 writes his nicknmae only bec. it’s shorter

    1. Thank you! You know how a mother feels with the development for her child. Everything is documented.

  2. What a busy month you had and are going to have. How fun! And oh, my husband and I love Plantation Bay. That’s the place where he proposed to me so it means so much. LOL! Someday when we get back to Pinas we will be staying at Plantation Bay again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great one!

    1. Plantation Bay is so beautiful and romantic. Your husband is so sweet for proposing marriage there.

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