Photo Diaries: Halloween Edition

How’s your Halloween? I assume most of you had fun and dressed up either in your scariest or most fabulous outfit. Given a party to attend to, I’ll dress up as a fairy princess in sparkling pink. Teehee! Dressing up in costume and attending parties make Halloween extra-special and exciting. Isn’t it cool to be a different person even just for a night? As for the kids, taking part in the  Trick-or-Treats in their costumes is what they love best added by the joy of receiving sweets and treats from the elders.

This year, my family’s not able to attend any Halloween party nor a Trick-or-Treat event in the village. My daughter refused to join since (according to her) she was still  tired from our vacation in Hongkong. I was actually surprised because I know how excited she is yearly for this. Read last year’s Trick-or-Treat activity HERE.

Anyway, let me share with you the random Halloween-themed photos I took last week…

Happy Halloween

This shot was taken in Hongkong International Airport while I was brisk-walking.

Muddy Graveyard Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

A delish liquid nitrogen ice cream in Hongkong named Muddy Graveyard from Lab Made. It’s a chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate cookie crumbs and popping candy with a grave biscuit. (Price: HKD 44.00) To those who will have vacation in HK, I suggest you try this kind of ice cream located along Kimberley Road.

Robinson's Metro East While I was grocery shopping in Robinson’s Metro East, my eyes were fascinated with this. I wish I have the talent to carve as well.

Phoenix gasoline boys in Halloween costumesHow cool it is to gas up and see the Phoenix gasoline boys in their spooky Halloween costumes?

Takdang tulin signageForgive me for posting this, I’ve seen this on our way to Heaven’s Gate 2. I didn’t know that this is the tagalog of speed limit. Haha! =)

PumpkinSay hello to this cutie patootie smiling pumpkin in Eastwood Mall!

So these are some of  the photos I wanted to share with you guys. I hope I’ll have more time to blog  as I really want to share my daily experiences with everyone. In the days to come, I’ll be posting my daughter’s birthday party, costume party, our trip to Hongkong and my collaboration with a brand for an advocacy campaign that I’m so excited about. By the way, this coming Saturday, my daughter and I will have a special project. I’ll share with you the details the soonest. Happy Tuesday and I hope you’re all having a pleasant and blessed day! =)

  1. So much upcoming happennings! That’s nice <3 Anyway thanks for sharing your halloween adventure! I was just at home at that time as usual (boring, huhu)

    I wish I can visit Hongkong too!

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