Keisha’s Christmas Wishlist

They say Christmas is meant for the kids and the kids-at-heart (ahem!). That’s why it’s part of the Filipino tradition to give gifts to kids most especially to their godchildren during this time. Back then, I always look forward to Christmas day because of the gifts that I will receive from my relatives and godparents plus the toys that Santa Claus will put on my Christmas socks.

The moment I became a mother, my view on Christmas changed. I no longer indulge on sky-is-the-limit shopping for myself.  There are still a lot of material things that I want but I don’t really mind now if I’ll have them or not. My focus now is to fulfill my daughter’s wishes and to give her the best always.

Let me share with you Keisha’s Christmas Wishlist:

1. Pinypon Aquapark Water Park


Keisha’s first Pinypon was the Shopping Center set. She loved it too bits and even I enjoyed playing it too. This one is the Aquapark Water Park series. She had been asking this for months. Unfortunately, I can’t find this in Toys R’ Us since it’s always out of stock. I’ll try this weekend. Hopefully, they have stocks already. (Photo source:

2. Magna Color
pinypon 1 pinypon 2Magna Color comes in two versions as pictured above. I’m sure she’ll love more the Hello Kitty set. She get to see this every time she watches Nickelodeon and from then on, she never stopped requesting me to buy this.

The Magna Color 3D Magnetic Design Station magically transform designs into vibrant 3D artwork by using the magnetic coloring studio and colorful 3D Magic dots. Use the revolutionary pens to color in the design stencils, then put on your 3D Ultra Vision Glasses to watch your artwork jump off the screen in real 3D! When finished, sweep the dots back into the sorting system to sort them back into their individual colors again. With all pieces self-contained in the unit, this innovative crafts toy allows for no-mess playing! (Photos from web)

3. Lala Loopsy
lala loopsy
purple-bubble-mermaidThe little girl is so engrossed with Lala Loopsy. Two days ago, when we shopped gifts for her classmates, she cried when we didn’t buy her the Lala Loopsy doll displayed in the mall rack. She wants the one with a purple hair. To date, she only has one Lala Loopsy doll (the sew magical mermaid doll).
(Photos from: and

4. Mermaid Dolls
pinypon mermaidMermaid dolls are also one of Keisha’s fascinations these days. She even asked my mom to make a mermaid costume for her and take note she wants her tail to be color violet.

5. Guitar

She’s been asking for a musical instrument this Christmas particularly a purple guitar.


I checked last night different kinds of guitar and I’ve also seen boss chromatic tuner at guitar center. Up to now, I’m still searching for the perfect guitar that will suit her age. (photo from:

6. Lastly, anything that’s color VIOLET

May it be a bag, shirt, coloring book, headband or anything, she’ll surely love it as long as it is color violet.

We hope we can provide all of her needs and part of her wants or if not we hope she’ll be contented and happy with our Christmas gift for her. As her parents, we want to give her the best, happy and memorable Christmas yearly.



  1. December 28, 2013 / 10:41 pm

    Madami na kasi gastusin eh – btw, that guitar totally rocked! <3 haha! Iloveit

  2. December 29, 2013 / 1:51 am

    What a beautiful guitar and I bet she loves what she got!

  3. December 29, 2013 / 4:23 am

    This looks like my daughter’s wishlist too! LOL! But she puts a big heart on the Hello Kitty Magna Color.

  4. December 29, 2013 / 6:17 am

    Even my 4-year-old daughter has a list of things she wants. Esp. now that her birthday is so near, must save up!!

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