Mom-Daughter Style: Of Pinks and Whites

My little family loves weekends. We consider this as our free time to do anything we want as a family since my husband and I are preoccupied with work on weekdays and the little girl goes to school as well. As much as possible, I try my best to finish my weekend work early so I can spend quality time with them. I think it’s our responsibility as parents to allot an ample time for our kids to nurture more the relationship we have with them.

We normally go to malls, dine in our favorite restaurants, shop for the things we need for the coming week, do grocery shopping when we ran out of household supply, treat our little girl to Time Zone, watch a movie, etc.

Few weeks ago, my daughter and I decided to wear a matching pink and white outfit on our family date when we bought a burlap table runner here in Eastwood Mall. You know how much I love tandem dressing with my daughter as evidenced by our matching outfits that you can read here. Tandem dressing need not to be actually matchy-matchy (you know what I mean), your look can still be cohesive even though you wear totally different outfit.

Keisha StyleHere’s Keisha’s pink and white ensemble. I paired her white comfy ruffled blouse with pink jeggings and a white doll shoes.

See how I matched her outfit…

Mom-daughter matching outfitTadaa!!!  I also worn a white top and my pre-pregnancy pink pants. I feel good and accomplished each time I get to wear my old clothes, most especially the pants.  It’s like having my 99 lbs. body again (in my dreams). See how playful the little girl was in this photo.

Mom-daughter matching outfit

We didn’t wear same clothes and yet, we still achieved a matching look. Similar pattern of colors helps a lot in unifying your overall get-up.

Were you not enjoying my little girl?

Mom-daughter matching outfitBack view
Sorry for the not so crisp photos as I only used my Iphone in taking pictures.

mom-daughter matching outfitSee how relaxed we were in this outfit. This is most perfect when you plan to go to amusement parks or treat your kids to game zone. I’m not fond of wearing pants as I don’t feel that comfortable with it but with the stretch fabric of this one, I can freely sit and assist my daughter with her needs. No need for cover-ups.

mom-daughter matching outfit postAnd, our obligatory mirror shot.

On Keisha:

  • White blouse: SM Kids Fashion
  • Jeggings: Spoiled
  • Shoes: Dora The Explorer

On Keisha’s Mom:

  • Laced Sleeveless Top: Hip Culture
  • Pants: Bangkok Stretch Pants
  • Wedge: CLN

So what can you say about our matching outfits? =)

  1. am such a huge fan of match-up dressing for mums + kids, i think they are just the cutest! but since i have a son, we are limited to wearing the same shade of clothes as we cannot wear those lovely matching outfit like you + your little girl love to wear together! 🙂

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