Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Card Launch

With over 440,000 members all over the Philippines, Jollibee Kids Club is the biggest nationwide club for kids.  And, to make it even bigger and more exciting for the kids, Jollibee Kids Club launches the JKC Happy Plus Card.

Jollibee Happy Plus Card Launch

JKC Happy Plus Card is the first ever electronic wallet and rewards earning membership card for kids.

Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus CardI was privileged to be invited in the launch held last February 16, 2014 at the Glorietta Activity Center. Greeting me at the entrance was this huge Happy Plus Card. With the numerous and exciting benefits stated I couldn’t help but feel happy for the future rewards my daughter will earn for being a JKC member.

The activity center was designed with multiple intelligence stations on the side where JKC members can enjoy and boost their social skills plus their abilities in other areas such as arts and crafts, reading and performance arts.

Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus CardOn the left side of the photo pictured above, was the Virtual Olympics where the kids had the opportunity to choose  from a selection of sports games. This game taught them the value of sportsmanship and interaction. (Multiple intelligence highlighted: Social Skills)

On the right side was the Shake and Shimmy where the kids danced according to the move projected on the screen. This game boost their confidence in performing in front of others. If my daughter was with me, I’m quite sure that she’ll love to Shake and Shimmy there.  (Multiple intelligence highlighted: Performance Arts)

Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Card

Who would not love to decorate their own cupcake? This station was named “Crafty Cupcakes” where kids were provided with cupcakes, as seen on the cupcake tower pictured above, plus they had the liberty to creatively design it using the icing, toppings, mallows and other edible food art materials provided. Look at how Ren, Mommy Levy’s son, meticulously designs his own cupcake. I would have want to try this activity myself.  Multiple intelligence highlighted: Arts and Crafts)

Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus CardHere’s another station named Book Mark, Cool Art where kids turned a plain book mark into their own work of art using colored markers, washi tapes, and other art materials. (Multiple intelligence highlighted: Arts and Crafts)
Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Card
After looking at the kids designing their bookmarks, I heard a book reading session on the side where numerous kids were seated on the floor and all looking engrossed and so hooked with the story. If I will have these well-behaved kids as listeners, I would love to be the storyteller. (Multiple intelligence highlighted: Reading)

Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Card LaunchThere were also other booths offering free fun treats for the kids like face painting, glitter tattoo, free cotton candy and a  photo booth for souvenir.

Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Launch was hosted by the very beautiful Ms. Bettina Carlos.

Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Card Launch
The event commenced with the dance production number of these charming little boys who were later on joined by Jollibee.

Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Card Launch

Ms. Christine Jacob-Sandejas with kids, Ms. Danica Sotto-Pingris with her daughter Caela, and Mr. and Mrs. Vince Hizon with kids were present during the event and participated in the games. Mrs. Patricia Hizon and her team won the first game.

Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Card Launch
Xyriel Manabat performed a special song number for all of us.
Xyriel Manabat

Lots of raffle prizes were given away during the event including  P6,000-worth of Jollibee kiddie party.

Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Card Launch
Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Card

JKC Happy Plus Card is an electronic wallet and rewards earning membership card for kids that can be used for food purchases in Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking and Red Ribbon. This card costs P100.00 (load not included) and is available in selected Jollibee stores for kids aged 12 years and below. This entitles the bearer to a 3-year membership at the Jollibee Kids Club.

Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Card
Jollibee Kids Club Happy Plus Card

How The Happy Plus Card Works?

Once loaded, the card can be used by the JKC member to pay for any Jollibee treat. Every purchase corresponds to points earned detailed below:

  • P50.00 food purchase = 1 point = P1.00
  • Jollibee Kids Meal purchase = double points
  • Earn points for attending JKC workshops. P50.00 ticket spend = 1 point = P1.00

Benefits and Freebies:

Upon purchase of the card, JKC member instantly gets the following:

  • Coupon for 1 free vanilla twirl
  • P250 worth of discount coupons that can be redeemed at Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking and Red Ribbon
  • Register and reload the Happy Plus Card for a chance to win P100,000.00 in the monthly raffle.
    Raffle entries may be earned as follow:
    Load of P100-P200   ——-> 1 raffle entry
    Load of P300-P400  ——-> 5 raffle entriesLoad of P500-P900  ——-> 10 raffle entries
    Load of P1000            ——->  25 raffle entries
    In excess of P1000, every P100 —–> 5 raffle entries
  • You may also win 1 of 5 Jollibee Kiddie Party GCs worth P6,000.00 in the monthly raffle.

To learn more about Jollibee Kids Club, visit

What are you waiting for, head on to the nearest Jollibee store and register your child to be part of the biggest kids club in the Philippines – Jollibee Kids Club!





  1. February 28, 2014 / 8:42 pm

    winning a party gc through the raffle is awesome, this plus card is a good idea

  2. March 1, 2014 / 1:11 am

    Such a fun event you got here haha seeing Jollibee do the dance is quite amusing to me too.

  3. March 1, 2014 / 5:36 am

    I remember being a member of Jollibee Kids Club when I was younger. It’s actually a highlight of my day whenever I received a newsletter in the mail from them. Of course, there’s also the freebie gift on my birthday month. How I wish Jollibee would bring those perks again. I find it more enjoyable than getting discounts from their meals. But if there will be a lot of workshop open for the kids, I think paying 100 membership fee is sulit na rin.

  4. March 1, 2014 / 7:35 pm

    Awe! Jollibee. I was a fan of Jollibee when I was still in Pinas. That is so awesome that they have such an event for kids. How fun that would be for my kids to attend. Great job Jollibee and thank you for sharing.

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