My Special Day Is Coming…

Hello mommies!

How’s your week so far? I’ve missed all of you. I’ve missed blogging. I was unintentionally swamped with work the past few weeks. Actually, up to now, I have lots of task to do for our family business, household chores (hey, remember I don’t have house help since January 2), mommy and wifey duties and the extra tasks I’m obliged to do. My work is extra difficult now that it’s summer since most companies are renting tourist buses for their annual company outing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. More clients and inquiries simply mean more income opportunities for our employees and of course, for us. Lol! If only I am blessed with more than 24 hours a day, I guess I’ll have more time to blog on my little writing haven here. So pls. forgive me for the lack of updates. I’ll try my best to finish all my backlogs within this week.

Few weeks from now, my special day is coming. And, as usual, I’m feeling quite melancholic. I don’t know why I’m like this. But, I am very emotional the past few days. I cry over things that I’m not totally related with like Kris Aquino’s confessions about her new and old love. I get emotional over simple story of other’s accomplishments and heartaches. Well, I often experience birthday blues so I should not wonder what I’m going thru.

I just hope this feeling won’t get worse. I have to be happy because there are many reasons why I should be. I’m more than blessed to be at my state now. I hope I’ll have the time to sit down and blog about the things that I should be thankful for so I’ll have a reminder every time I feel low-spirited and depressed.

For now, let me remind myself of the best blessing I received from God… my darling and my sweet princess, Keisha…

How about you guys, do you also experience birthday blues?

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