Localized Stickers Available At WeChat’s Sticker Gallery

Most of you are familiar with words spoken by Filipinos which can’t be found in dictionaries nor taught in schools. You’ll often hear the series of catchphrases on the streets, from local television shows to just about anywhere where the influences of media exist.We call these words or phrases as Filipino slang.

wechat stickers filipino slang

Filipino slang is highly dynamic compared to the usual colloquialisms and allows for more freedom of expression among its speakers. Words and phrases don’t follow a standardized set of rules and can flow from Taglish to celebrity names to gay lingo or be a mix of all set with new meanings in different contexts.

wechat stickers filipino slang

As Filipino slang gets more recognized as a language of everyday usage, one of the country’s top social mobile apps, WeChat joins in the bandwagon of color and humor as it releases 16 animated stickers that reflect the wit, candor, and inventiveness that Filipinos apply to such slangs. About to wing an emergency meeting? Send out a “Bahala na si Batman!” sticker to your teammate to lighten up the air. An excellent presentation could also garner a “Boom!” at the end of the day to highlight a job well done. On the other hand, if your sister is about to begin a new project, stickers like “Push mo yan!”, and “Gorabels!” could give her a quick confidence boost. Intensify your daily digital conversations with this set available at WeChat’s Sticker Gallery by clicking on Me > Sticker Gallery.

wechat stickers - filipino slang

To see more funny and latest Filipino expressions, head on to your WeChat app on your mobile phones.

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