#GlendaPH Aftermath And Things To Prepare Before A Typhoon

Hi guys! I’m back from my unwanted and unintentional hiatus. Because of Typhoon Glenda, my family and I experienced 5 days with no  electricity, 6 days with no internet connection, I missed to attend important events and The Good Box food for review got spoiled. Oh well!

Aside from the chaos the typhoon made on my schedule, it also left our neighborhood with great mess. Look at these photos…

glendaphuprooted tree from the ground


For someone who works online, this incident is a major disappointment most especially, when you see your nearby subdivisions regained electric power and you are part of the remaining 20% with no electricity.  Thank God, everything is slowly going back to normal. Anyway, what’s important is that we are spared from flood and none of my love ones are harmed, but, nonetheless, my heart goes out to all those families who are greatly affected by this catastrophe.

To all my blog sponsors and readers, please forgive me for the delay in posting articles, product reviews and giveaways. I’m trying my best to catch up and do things faster.

For the meantime, let me share with you a list of the things that you should prepare when PAG-ASA advised that a typhoon is coming and will possibly hit your area:

1. Stock up on food and potable water.

glenda ph 2
You might be wondering why our food supply is inside the basket. Those were placed there since our place is flood-prone, we experienced flood during “Ondoy” and “Habagat”. Read my store HERE. Since then, we became vigilant and always put our supplies in an easy to carry basket. You may stock-up on food that are easy-to-prepare or if possible those that can be eaten in an instant. Though, I don’t really suggest you eat this everyday since you know we are aiming for living a healthier life.

2. Charge your rechargeable and emergency lights, flashlights, batteries as these will all be helpful when the electric power run out. You’ll be spared to use candles that may cause fire when not handled with care. And these are safer to use when you have kids at home.

3. Make sure your cellphone, tablet, battery-powered radio and power bank are all fully-charged.

typhoon ready

 4. Make sure you have sufficient cash-on-hand. In times like this, most ATMs fail to dispense cash while others ran out of cash and are not replenished on time.

5. Be ready with your protective gear – raincoat,water-proof  boots, umbrella, plus rope, compass, whistle etc.

glenda ph 1
6. When your area is prone to flood, make sure your things are kept way above possible flood-level area and in safe containers. You should also have a rope and inflatables just in case flood will be waist or chest-deep. This happened to our village during Typhoon Ondoy. Our house was submerged in flood and most of our things were destroyed. We were not prepared since we didn’t expect it to happen.

7. To those with no rechargeable lamps, stock up on candles and matches. Just be extra cautious when using it and as much as possible, keep it away from children’s reach.

8. Don’t forget to pack the following:

  • extra clothes and undergarments
  • extra blanket
  • alcohol
  • toiletries – shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand towel, sanitary napkins, tissue

In any case, I missed other things, please don’t hesitate to comment on the space below.

Let’s all pray that our country will be spared from typhoons and other catastrophes. For now, let’s be vigilant and prepared.

Happy hump day guys!





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