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Aside from the quality of education a school offers, the next thing I am mostly concerned when I choose Keisha’s school is its CLEANLINESS. Yes, a clean and germ-free classroom, playground and toilet is definitely a must! Who would want to expose their kids to dirt, germs and viruses? Studies show that there’s a higher risk of illnesses when kids are exposed to an environment that is not properly sanitized. Sick kids have chances of being absent to school for 2-3 days and miss school activities and teacher’s lessons.

Last May, the team behind Zonrox asked me to nominate a public school that will receive product donations from Zonrox and Green Cross for its Zonrox LinizKwela Clean-Up campaign. Linizkwela is a back-to-school clean-up campaign implemented in public schools nationwide.

LINIZKWELA - Santolan Elem
The only public school that I thought of is Santolan Elementary School which is located in Evangelista St., Santolan, Pasig. This was the learning institution that molded my mom to be the person that she is today. Without the help and guidance of this school, I wouldn’t have my first teacher, my best friend, my advisor and my confidant. Not only that, most of my relatives were students of this school as well. To Santolan Elementary School, I hope in my own little way and thru the effort and project of Zonrox, we were able to help you in promoting cleanliness and in making your school a clean and inspiring learning institution for the kids.

Zonrox  LinizKwela

Zonrox Linizkwela is now on its 4th year, and this year they asked their Facebook followers/members to nominate a school and state their reason why they want that particular school to be the recipient of Zonrox products and be part of the LinizKwela campaign.


Aside from this, the Zonrox team also went beyond just spotless surfaces and stain removal. They actually conducted a swab test (germ count checking) on the schools they visited. Would you believe a canteen tables’ surfaces has the most shocking figure of up to 490,000 germs while the toilet wall they checked has 94,000? I was actually alarmed when I knew the result of this test. Imagine how high the germ count of the table top? This is where our kids will have their lunch/merienda. Armed with this knowledge, mommy volunteers scrubbed the surfaces using Zonrox Plus. Afterwards, succeeding germ test was done to check the cleanliness level of the schools, and, revealed that 99.9% of germs were killed.

Zonrox Plus

Even before I was asked to nominate a school for this campaign, I have been using Zonrox Plus here at home together with the other Zonrox variants. Truth be told, I’m not one of those moms who believe that detergent is enough to kill germs and viruses. Growing up, I have seen my grandma and mom using Zonrox products for the laundry and household. They both educated me that “bareta” is not enough on cleaning the surfaces of our home and since then Zonrox is the only brand that is a staple in our household cleaning products.

Zonrox PLUS

Zonrox Plus is the variant that is extra thick and sudsy, making it the perfect partner for moms like me in cleaning around the house – laundry, table surface, kitchen, floor, bathroom walls, floors, sink and toilet. It is the all-around bleach that has the whitening and antibacterial protection of bleach and the sudsing power of detergent combined.  It helps reduce the spread of germs in your home and laundry by killing 99.9% of common VIRUSES, BACTERIA and FUNGI.


So aside from helping the volunteer moms of public schools with donations of Zonrox Plus and cleaning supplies, the LinizsKwela team opened their eyes to the idea of “deeper clean” which in reality is what moms like us want for our kids. A clean and germ-free school signifies a healthier  place conducive to learning and, thus, reduces moms’ fear of disease causing germs and viruses that can be easily caught and transferred when exposed kids are exposed to unclean environment. Ultimately, less germs mean less diseases resulting to less absences and more learning for the kids!

Thank you Zonrox team for making me a part of this campaign! I hope you’ll continue this endeavor and conduct more campaigns that will help and educate moms on ways of keeping the surroundings clean and germ-free.

For more information about Zonrox Plus and Linizkwela campaign, please visit the Zonrox Facebook Page at




  1. August 8, 2014 / 8:06 pm

    This is a very nice event, clean up before the school starts!

  2. August 15, 2014 / 3:26 am

    ‘s so nice of Zonrox and Green Cross to come up with a campaign like this to help keep schools clean for the benefit of the students. I grew up with Zonrox; that’s what we used to disinfect our home and our laundry.

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