SM Beauty Doll Glam

Hello kawaii girls! This post is for all of you who aspire to achieve that “doll glam” look. Knowing the right products to use and the proper application technique will make your doll look achievable in a breeze.

SM Store Beauty Section is the go-to-place of make-up enthusiasts, whether you are a professional make-up artist or a newbie trying to learn the ropes in make-up application. All that you need from head to toe are here – haircare, skincare, foot care products, cosmetics, perfume and a lot more. To keep up with the trend and to broaden their horizon, they now also cater brands mostly used to look like a doll.

SM Beauty Doll Glam

SM Beauty Doll Glam Challenge was held last July 26, 2014 at SM North EDSA. Gracing the event were two of the prettiest and most glamorous real-life dolls I know – Ms. Tricia Gosingtian and Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao. The event started with a fashion show showcasing four doll glam looks: cute, hippie, pretty and sexy.

SM Beauty Doll Glam
Four Doll Glam Looks: 

Cute – marked with florals and laces
Hippie– tribals, colorful and flowy prints
Pretty – dainty ensembles, more feminine looks and classic cuts
Sexy – Body flattering dresses and mini skirts

After the fashion show, two lovely girls who accepted the Doll Glam Challenge were welcomed on the stage by Ms. Nicole Anderson. Tricia Gosingtian’s outfit reminded me of Catherine Zeta-Jones in Zorro, I super love this style – the white off-shoulder, the floral printed skirt plus her neck piece while Alodia Gosiengfiao came in as a  kitty princess. According to her, she’s inspired to dress up like one of her dolls.

SM Beauty Doll Glam
They were challenged to make their models achieve the perfect doll glam look in 20 minutes. With the time pressure, let’s see if these girls can deliver. Their dolls of the day went up on stage barefaced.

SM Beauty Doll Glam Tricia Gosiengtian
Here’s Tricia doing her doll glam magic to her model.

SM Beauty Doll Glam Alodia
Alodia Gosiengfiao looked perfectly sure of what she’s doing.

Both of them exemplified grace under pressure and exuded confidence in showing their mastery in creating the perfect glamorous doll glam make-up. Dolly Wink eyelashes stood out as their personal favorites because of the comfort it gives to the eye area.

SM Beauty Doll Glam
These are the 10 winners of the Best Doll Glam outfit. They all received special gift items from SM Store Beauty Section. My personal favorite is the lady wearing a blonde hair. Her looks and glow are really like a doll.

SM Beauty Doll Glam
Aside from the program, there were also other activities on the side. There were free make-over, hair coloring, nail art sessions by partner brands like BYS, NYX, Dolly Wink, Pixy, Heroine Make, Kate, Maybelline, Cutex, Palty, Lucido-L, and Beautylabo.

SM Beauty Doll Glam

SM Beauty Doll Glam

There were also on-going 3 contests that day for shoppers namely Glam 5, Top 3 Highest Purchase of the Hour and Guess The Price and Win A Prize.

SM Beauty Doll Glam

You may pose like a doll in this box and have your photo taken. Too bad, I didn’t get the chance to have my photo here.

SM Beauty Doll Glam
Refreshments and food served were from Sumo Sam.

SM Beauty Doll Glam

Thank you SM Store Beauty Section for having Keisha’s kikay mom on your event! Thank you for these beauty doll glam loot! Now, I can try to achieve the perfect kawaii look with these products.

SM Beauty Doll Glam

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