Eri Curry: Customize-Your-Own Japanese Curry Plate At SM Megamall

I love Japanese cuisine! It’s my comfort food. I normally find myself craving for Japanese dishes most especially when I’m stressed with work and with all the other obligations under my cap. Instant happiness is what I feel each time I’m served with my favorite Japanese curry and maki. It’s like a magic potion that sweeps away all the negativity I feel. So let me share with you a new Japanese restaurant named Eri Curry located at Building A of SM Megamall that serves authentic Japanese dishes at an affordable price. Plus this Japanese brand has menus perfect for the whole family. Yes, you can bring your kids along as they have special dishes for the kids as well.

Eri Curry SM Megamall

Eri Curry is where you can find the first ever Customize-Your-Own Japanese Curry Plate which simply means you have the liberty to choose your own spice level, curry plate, rice portion, and your toppings. Amazing!

Aside from that, they give a twist to the Japanese dishes they offer suitable for Filipino’s palate. It has a mild and sweet flavor that is very much like a Japanese Curry but with a hint of zest and infused with spices good for your health. Popular curry plates are Katsu curry (which I super love), Thin Sliced Beef Curry, Shrimp Curry and Eggplant Curry plates.

Eri Curry SM Megamall

Eri Curry’s four simple steps to customize your meal:

Step 1: Choose your curry plate

Choose the curry plate you want – Katsu Curry (best-seller), Thin Sliced Beef, Crunchy Squid, Shrimp and Mushroom Curry plate.

Step 2: Choose your rice portion

Knowing how much Pinoys love rice, customers can choose from 200 grams, 300 or 400 grams rice portion.

Step 3: Choose your spice level

Choose from Just Right (a mild almost no hint of spice flavour), Spicy (a sure kick of heat) or Fiery which is the level 3.

Step 4: Add toppings

Since there are some who love to have toppings, Eri Curry gives you the choice to top your curry plate. You may choose from crispy chicken, fried squid or thin sliced pork or if you’re  a vegetarian, you may opt for eggplant, asparagus and tomatoes.


And, here’s my curry plate:

Eri Curry Katsu Curry SM MegamallMy Katsu Curry plate with 200 grams of Japanese rice and a mild spice flavour ( Just Right). No wonder why this one is their best-seller. The chicken is tender and satisfying. The strips are not full of breading and not oily. I was totally #CurriedAway with the sweet sauce and the shaved mozzarella cheese that gave a salty taste to the whole bunch. (P320.00)

Eri Curry SM MegamallThin-sliced beef curry (P290.00)

Here some of the Makis, Eri Curry offers:

Eri Curry SM MegamallEbi Futo – shrimp maki with lettuce romaine and refreshing cucumber (P125.00)

Eri Curry SM MegamallKani Warm and Tender – fried crab sticks topped with teriyaki sauce (P120.00)

Eri Curry SM MegamallSakana Warm and Tender – sole fish with mayonnaise (P100.00)

They also have Sugoi Maki Spicy (P140.00) which has crunchy crab stick with mozzarella cheese topped with a special spicy sauce.

Dishes for kids:

To all the moms and dads who want to visit Eri Curry, you may bring your little ones as they have dishes especially for them – Juicy Hamburger Meal topped with fried quail egg and the kid’s favourite, Crispy Chicken Meal.

For desserts, they offer Kagigori which is shaved iced dessert with vanilla ice cream and azuki beans, they also have fruit plate and banana split.

Eri Curry SM MegamallKeisha’s Mom loves Eri Curry’s Katsu Curry Plate

Overall, I love the new concept Eri Curry offers from the variation, quality and affordability of food to the good customer service down to the ambiance of the place. It’s comfy and relaxing with its simple interiors of wood and in beautiful colors suitable for a Japanese gastronomic treat.This place will definitely be one of the reasons why I’ll frequently visit SM Megamall.


3rd Floor, SM Megamall Atrium, Building A, Mandaluyong City
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm
T: +632 531-5033
E: [email protected]
T: @Eri_Curry


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