#MarioPh Aftermath

Hello lovelies!

It’s been a week after Typhoon Mario hit our country  and I’m still not yet done unpacking and fixing our home. Yes, my family was one of those affected by the catastrophe. We experienced ankle-deep flood inside our house and hip-level on the street. Just imagine the cleaning and disinfecting process I’ve done after.


Thank God that we are all safe including our belongings. To all those who called and sent messages to my family, we sincerely appreciate your concern. It’s during calamities when you will realize who among your relatives and friends truly value and care for you. To my mother-in-law’s relatives from Laguna and our bus drivers, we highly recognize your great help in cleaning our place.

MarioPHThe mess after the typhoon

To the brands,  pr agencies who trust and support me and to my blog readers, apologies for not updating this site. I’m starting to set things back to normal. Hopefully, I’ll get to resume blogging starting tomorrow. Wish me luck!

– Keisha’s Mom

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