Uratex My Home Event With Team Kramer

A peaceful and relaxing slumber is what we all need after a day filled with vigorous activities. Most especially, when you are a mom or dad who play a vital role in raising a happy family. Sleep is indeed essential for the whole family – daddies and mommies need to be fully recharged to work for the family and nurture the needs of their children, older brothers and sisters have to be prepared and energized as well for their work and their other engagements, kids have to be mentally alert in school and with their other extra-curricular activities.

URATEX Foam Comfort For Life

Last September 4, 2014, Uratex, the leader in foam manufacturing in the Philippines and the designer and producer of premium mattresses hosted an event at SM Megamall to emphasize how good sleep can result to a happier and healthier family life. In partnership with SM Home, SM Store and SM Megamall. Uratex showcased its different kinds of classy and comfortable beds and how they service the needs of each family member.

URATEX Foam Comfort For Life

A good night sleep makes you happy. Who wouldn’t agree? An average of six to eight hours a day is the requirement according to medical experts so the body can rest well and recharge. And, the best sleeping partner that you should invest on is a quality mattress that will stand the test of time and will cater to your needs. I grew up in a family who’s go-to brand for mattresses is Uratex. Yes, all the mattresses you may find at home came from Uratex as my parents believe in the comfort it provides during slumber time and its durability. When I get married, I also discovered that my husband’s family also trusts Uratex. This just shows how great and trustworthy Uratex products are making it a bedroom necessity in almost all the homes of Filipino families I personally know.

URATEX Foam Comfort For Life


Uratex Celebrity Family Endorser: Team Kramer

Team Kramer, the celebrity family brand ambassador of Uratex, also graced the event and gave their testimony on how much their family love the comfort Uratex beds provide to their family. According to the Kramers patriarch and matriarch, Doug and Cheska, they love that Uratex offers customized size of the bed since they are a  family of 5 and their kids always want to sleep with them at night. They also raved about the comfort and durability of Uratex beds. According to Doug, it’s really worth to invest on the top of the line quality of Uratex mattresses.

Here’s a photo I grabbed from Doug Kramer’s Instagram account:


Team KramerTeam Kramer (Doug, Cheska, Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin) relaxing on their customized Uratex bed.

Uratex Philippines

Uratex Philippines has grown enormously in 46 years, from a modest company to the foam leader in the country. Through the years, it has always kept the family’s growing need and welfare in mind. Another excellent thing about Uratex is the company’s constant research and development. They all make sure that clients receive the best foam and enjoy the quality sleep that they both need and deserve.

URATEX Foam Comfort For Life

Uratex Hamptons Collection is great for couples. It has its trademark plush comfort that creates a more romantic mood in private. The Hampton collection comes in five models namely, Royale, Prestige, Mystique, Premiere and Elite that will surely give you a luxurious sleep that you deserve.

URATEX Foam Comfort For Life

The Airlite is best for family members who want a cooler sleeping environment. AirLite is made with 3D Spacer Fabric, a new cutting-edge technology that provides three- dimensional ventilation around the mattress.

URATEX Foam Comfort For Life
Sofa beds are great when you have visitors at home as these can be stretched out for a more relaxing stay.

URATEX Foam Comfort For Life

Uratex’s other products:

  • Uratex pillows – come in different sizes, types and functions that will suit your need and preferences to help you a chieve a great sleep.
  • Hyper-soft mattress enhancers – add that extra comfort to every bed, enhancing the relaxation for each family member who uses it.
  • Mattress and pillow protectors – help keep the mattress and pillow clean and fresh.

Did you know that Uratex has “Quali-5 Cellular Technology”? Quali-5 Cellular Technology shows the company’s strong adherence to quality; its quality assurance through its ISO-9001 certified facilities; world-class equipment; superior formulation and process engineering technology; and usage of best raw materials.

URATEX Foam Comfort For Life

Being sensitive to the needs of its customers and finding ways on how to provide personalized kind of sleep solution are the key ingredients why Uratex has always been a trusted family brand. No wonder it has been awarded consecutively for the past six years as one of  “Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands”.  Winners like Uratex are chosen based on their trustworthiness and credibility, quality, value, innovation, corporate social responsibility and and understanding of customer needs.

How about you lovelies, how do you like the Uratex products in your home?


Website: http://www.uratex.com.ph/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UratexPhilippines

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