Kid-Style: Denim Love

Keisha Wears Motehrcare Denim Dress

Hello lovelies!

Did you miss Keisha’s OOTD photos? It’s been a while since I last published her outfit of the day.

I’ve been wanting to share her photos with you but, I’m swamped with work making me restless and non-functional at night. These photos have long been standing on my draft folder waiting to be published. But, since October is Keisha’s birthday month, I’ll try my best to share more of her here on the blog.

Time flies really fast, I now have a little lady who’s turning 5 years old few weeks from now. She maybe a little big for her age, but, she’s still a baby, my one and only baby.

Keisha Wears Mothercare Denim Dress for kids
This outfit was personally chosen by her. Sometimes, it makes me sad knowing that she has a choice of her own and insists on what she wants most especially on her clothes and shoes. Dressing her up is sometimes a hassle because we have different kinds of style in mind. But, luckily, we both agreed on this whole ensemble – a denim dress, black boots, black bag with her hair tied-up.

Keisha Wears Mothercare Denim Dress for kids
If only I can pose like this, I’ll definitely have my own OOTD series on the blog. Yay! Hopefully, I’ll have the guts to emote. =) Lol!

Keisha Wears Mothercare Denim Dress for kids
When she was younger, I can’t force her to wear anything denim. She hates the color, the texture, maybe the comfort and the over-all look. That’s why I’m very surprised that she really loved this one. The length of the dress is just right and the style looks perfectly cute .

Keisha Wears Mothercare Denim Dress for kids
The white lace detail gave a feminine touch on the denim dress.

Keisha Wears Mothercare Denim Dress for kids

On Keisha:

Denim dress – Mothercare
Boots – Gibi
Bag – Wenda Black (IG: @marieantoinettebabyco)
Pony tail – Goody
Shades – Sta. Lucia Department Store
Scent – Mustela

Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday!

How did you like Keisha’s outfit? Tell me what you think on the comment section below.

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